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The OSR News - Eldritch Enterprises Edition - March 31, 2012

As I Understand it, POD versions of these Eldritch Enterprises releases are forthcoming.

Lich Dungeon by Frank Mentzer. Available in PDF for $9.95. 88 pages.
This classic Old Skool dungeon from industry legend Frank Mentzer is non-system specific and is guaranteed to bring back memories of the early days of role-playing. A massive dungeon, packed with twisting passages, devious traps, hideous monsters, and fabulous treasures, Lich Dungeon Level One will provide multiple sessions of gaming entertainment for 3 or more characters of novice to low experience. A campaign in the making, don't be the only one left out of the Lich Dungeon!
Dark Outpost by James Ward and Christopher Clark.  Available in PDF for $9.95. 88 pages.
Dark Outpost is a generic science fiction adventure set aboard a spacestation in geosynchronous orbit above a small class M planet. This massive station, built by robots and crewed by automated machines, is the pride of the galactic fleet, and the hope of those that will colonize the planet below. But something has gone wrong.

Nearly a month ago, all communications from the outpost ceased. A patrol vessel was sent in to investigate, and it, too, was never again heard from. Since that time the Planet Kask outpost has been known as the Dark Outpost. Have you the courage to explore its mystery?

Dark outpost is a frighteningly deadly adventure for 3 or more characters of moderate experience from the mind of the revered master of sci-fi, James M. Ward. Packed with new material, Dark Oupost is more of a mini-campaign than a mere adventure, and it is guaranteed to provide dozens of hours of enjoyment over multiple play sessions for any game master.
Forest of Deceit by Christopher Clark. Available in PDF for $7.50. 36 pages.
The Forest of Deceit is filled with unknown threats, unexplained sounds, and partially-glimpsed adversaries of both natural and supernatural origin. Buried within its shadowy demense are secrets, lies, and more subplots than even a gifted game master will be able introduce in but a single gaming session. A great place to start a campaign, the Forest of Deceit should offer more than enough challenge for 3 or more adventurers of novice experience.
The seeds for several mysteries, all customizable by the game master, are set in this non-system specific overland adventure.Readily convertible to most gaming systems The Forest of Deceit is an excellent place to begin a new campaign.

Snakeriders of the Aradondo by Tim Kask. Available in PDF for $7.50. 40 pages.
Hidden amidst a jungle teaming with giant crocodiles, man-eating carnivorus apes, and frogs the size of ponies lies a forgotten temple that harbors the bane of mankind. The skilled might reach this temple. The exceptional might actual discover its secrets and prevent a great evil from emerging to plague all the inhabitants of this world. Adventure is calling... will you accept the charges?
Snakeriders of the Aradondo is a classic Old Skool dungeon from the twisted mind of fantasy legend Tim Kask. Containing both an overland adventure and a dungeon crawl, this non-system specific adventure is guaranteed to provide multiple sessions of entertainment for 3 or more players of average to skilled experience.
More News is on the Way!

I'm back! There will be more news, shortly, as well as other posts, including a Death Frost Doom play report!

What I'm Pimping This Week

ASE1 Anomalous Subsurface Environment by Patrick Wetmore. Available in Print for $20.18, $17.57 and in PDF for $13.49. 87 pages.
Put those dark elves back in their box and get your gonzo on! Riches, glory, and super-science await the bold and the clever in the deep places under the ground. This module describes the dinosaur- and wizard-infested future of the Earth, the city of Denethix, and the first level of the megadungeon that beckons from below: the Anomalous Subsurface Environment.
Upon reading, it's evident as to why ASE1 was nominated for the Three Castles Award! Great job, Patrick and good luck!

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