Friday, April 25, 2014

Buying D&D Over, and Over, and.....

That sumbitch Joseph Goodman!

First, he makes this utterly kick-ass game, Dungeon Crawl Classics, which the Gamer has to have because it's so fucking awesome!

Then, he puts out a limited, foil cover edition, which, the Collector just has to have because it's so kick-ass and the complimentary spines will look cool as fuck, on his bookshelf.

But wait, there's more!

So, I've already got two copies of DCC, when while putting out the second printing of the game, Mr. Goodman also decides to start releasing some limited edition covers!

And after buying the first several modules for the game, you know, the ones with the covers reproduced in the rulebook, the Collector really, really, wanted that first alternate cover edition!

Can you blame me? I mean look at this thing!

Hugh's dead, baby! Hugh's dead!

But, I put off buying it for a long time, until yesterday, when I saw there were still some copies floating around. I pulled the trigger and FRP Games just informed me that it's on the way! That groovy alternate spine is going to look real nice, next to the other two.

Of course, it's been often remarked upon, how OSR folks keep buying D&D, over and over, again. There's certainly some truth to that.

For instance, I have two copies of the AD&D PH and DMG, yet I also have two copies of OSRIC. Hell, I did have three, but I sold my Lulu HC, because I didn't need it and Lulu makes shitty HC's, anyway.

I've got B & X and a combo B/X in one. And Labyrinth Lord.

I've got the LotFP Grindhouse, and sooner or later I'll buy Mr. Raggi's latest edition of the game and I'm kicking myself for not buying Noble Knight's last copy of the Original LotFP Box Set.

And Swords & Wizardry! I've got Swords & Wizardry rulebooks out the wazoo!

And Delving Deeper! And...

The Gamer/Collector looks upon his groovy bookshelf and sees that it is Good!

But, goddammit I'm not going to buy the DCC Easley Cover!

Damn! It's kinda awesome, though, ain't it?

And yes, I'm aware of the Slipcase edition.

Fuck! Now I'm just having silly, silly thoughts.