Saturday, February 2, 2013

Lack of posting and the future of the blog

Hello. It's been a while, hasn't it? You know how it is. You get divorced. You get over it. You start dating again. Then, you meet an incredibly awesome, beautiful, smart, funny, sexy woman named Spring and fall passionately in love! I haven't been gaming very much, here lately. :) The blog. If I'm going to do the blog it's going to be to post actual material I'm making for my game because I just don't have time to make game stuff and separate blog (and yes, news) posts. Tenkar, et al, are doing a damn fine job keeping everyone informed, so I'm leaving that to them. I might close the blog entirely and move anything I'm putting out to the public onto Google+. I'll decide that in a few weeks, when I make a little time to work on some game stuff and set up that campaign I was planning for January. Got kinda distracted. Regardless, thank you to everyone who has followed, read and commented here and at the old Underdark Gazette. I never was really able to get DoMF going right. If I do reincarnate it as a place to publish my campaign stuff, then maybe that will change. We'll see. Anyone know why blogger isn't keeping my formatting?