Wednesday, October 24, 2018

The Vancian Nullifier

The Vancian Nullifier - Longsword +1, +2 vs. Vancian Casters AL: N
Languages: Common, Dwarven - Read Magic
Minor Power: Detect Magic at Will
Major Power: +2 to Saves vs. any Vancian Cast Spell

Special Purpose: Slay Vancian Spell Casters
Special Purpose Power: Spell Nullification
Int:14 Ego:14

Appearance: The blade of the sword has a light, electric blue hue, with a hilt and cross guard of intertwining purple and black metal strands, wrapped in white leather. The pommel is a smooth, blue stone of indeterminate type, which is warm to the touch and throbs obscenely when the Detect Magic power is utilized. Deeply etched Dwarven Runes adorn both sides of the blade and these will spit blue sparks when in the presence of a Vancian spell caster.

History: The Vancian Nullifier was created by a dwarf, when the world was young and the dwarven people were beset by spell casting enemies. The sword remembers battling elves in its early days, but doesn't have a very clear recollection of anything beyond five hundred years or so, ago. It has a serviceable, if archaic knowledge of dwarven society and a spotty grasp of dwarven history.

Powers: With a successful hit upon a Vancian spell caster, the sword will sever the psychic binding of 1d4 spells from the target's memory. These are determined at random.

Healing spells and other beneficial magics will only work upon the wielder if a saving throw is failed.