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The OSR News - December 1, 2018

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New Releases

Glantri Great School of Magic in Detail by Robin. Available from the author's blog in PDF for Free. 555 pages!
One interactive PDF book; where each link clicked (with CTRL at the same time) directs you to sources of information.
Each door is thus attached to a link within the document leading towards the room which door you have chosen, making it almost as if you really wandering through the whole structure.
55 maps and cutthroughs; including 3 Isometric maps of GSM, 1 Sideview Of GSM, 1 readjusted map of GSM Gaz3,
several section maps of GSM, 6 Historic Maps of Redfen and Braejr, 2 future maps of Principalities of Glantri,
1 cutthrough of the GSM with Shell of Darkness growth explained,
408 new or adjusted spells (adjusted from AD&D2 to BECMI, or really new self-created),
Expansion on the various secret craft mages of Glantri,
Detailed information on elementals & invisible Stalkers & Faenare & Griffons,
several New creatures,
100 new Magical items(adjusted from AD&D2 to BECMI, or really new self-created),
1 Major Artifact with full campaign, 1 major dimensional room,
common use of Dimension Doors (various types),
34 stone colors/types, 23 Skills (new and older) updated and expanded,
8 Diseases & afflictions,
Information on mage Courtyard Arena battles,
Several useful tables,
The future of Glantri and the Radiance,
74 adventure suggestions attached to the locations,
and a lot more interesting stuff, secret stuff, wondrous stuff and obscure stuff...spread over 19 levels, 2 major locations, and hundreds of rooms and other areas. 
in total 555 pages, 41.6 MB.
Crypt of the Shadow Lord - a solitaire dungeon crawl adventure by David Cronin. Published by DPC-RPG. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for $3.99. 28 pages.
Crypt of the Shadow Lord is written for one, first-level, lawful cleric. With little to no adjustment, the Basic Rules from other, similar Fantasy Role Playing Games may also be employed successfully. Although designed as a solitaire, this adventure also plays well as a duet (one player and one referee), and is intended as something of an introduction for both novice players and game referees.

Not unlike the "choose-your-own-path" books of yesteryear, this adventure has been written so that the storybook (along with some assistance from you) plays the role of referee. The crypt offers numerous ways for a first-level character to meet their doom, however, if the adventure is completed successfully, there is an excellent chance that they will have won enough XP to advance a level.
The Blackest Hack by Ricardo Peraça Cavassane. Published by Tragos Games. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for $1.00. 20 pages.
The Blackest Hack is a version of The Black Hack optimized for evil player characters. 
The Village and the WitchThe Village and the Witch by Davide Pignedoli. Published by Daimon Games. Available from Lulu in Print for $7.00. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for $3.00. 18 pages.
an OSR Module
Compatible with Lamentations of the Flame Princess, the Black Dogs, and other OSR adventuring games
This adventure is designed for low-level characters and is intended as an encounter to run in one or two sessions, between other adventures.
This module is designed to generate a Village, a Witch, and some additional weirdness: two pages with die-drop tables to outline the village (map and content), and two pages with a series of random tables to generate a Witch and its connection to the village.
The rest of the module contains some instructions, random or less random NPCs and other weirdness, some digression about alignment and so forth.
This adventure is designed for low-level characters and is intended as an encounter to run in one or two sessions, between other adventures.
This module is designed to generate a Village, a Witch, and some additional weirdness: two pages with die-drop tables to outline the village (map and content), and two pages with a series of random tables to generate a Witch and its connection to the village.
The rest of the module contains some instructions, random or less random NPCs and other weirdness, some digression about alignment and so forth.
BLUEHOLME™ Referee Repository by Michael Thomas. Published by Dreamscape Design. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for $3.99. 28 pages.
The BLUEHOLME™ Referee Depository contains all of the useful rules and tables from the BLUEHOLME™ Journeymanne Rules, collected in one place for ease of reference by the harried referee. Whether at the table or when preparing games, you cannot afford to be without this handy booklet at your side! 
This is not a stand-alone product, it requires the use of either the BLUEHOLME™ Journeymanne Rules or the BLUEHOLME™ Prentice Rules, although it can be used with most old-school versions of the world’s most popular role-playing game.
Gregorius21778: Ye ol´mad monk by Kai Pütz a.k.a Gregorius21778. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for PWYW. 8 pages.
Ye ol´mad monk is a gimmick, something weird to spice up the start of a game. For the encounter it is assumed that the characters are in a town or village and get ready to embark on their next adventure. They may or may not have been acquiring equipment, but are walking on the streets near the market square as they note a disheveled, partially bald man in rags that once were a monk´s robe. He babbles, rants and argues with a stray dog who barks at him before running away. He is mid 40s, bearded, unwashed, shabby and his front teeth are missing, and his eyes have the unsteady, haunted look of a madman. Just as the characters are about to pass by he babbles something. Something the characters have heard already, something that has something to do with their task at hand. Does the ol´mad man know something... could it be...?
If the characters ignore him, nothing happens. If they don´t, roll up a random response from the following table or use the one you fancy the most. 
Compatible with "Lamentations of the Flame Princess(tm)"
Businesses In Settlements by Larry Hamilton. Published by Follow Me, And Die! Entertainment LLC. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for PWYW. 17 pages.

Considerations for handling trade in settlements in RPGs with several tables to assist the GM.
RT1 Palace of the Vamp Queen by Scott Casper. Published by Great Scott! Games. Available from DriveThruRPG in Print for $7.75, In Print/PDF Combo for $9.25 and in PDF for $2.99. 24 pages.
A HIDEOUTS & HOODLUMS Adventure Module for Hero Levels 1-3. An abandoned roadhouse with a disreputable past stands on the outskirts of Pierre, South Dakota. But is it abandoned? Could hoodlums, or worse, be using this supposedly haunted ruin as a hideout? If there are, are you hero enough to help the local police root them out?

The second ever ready-to-play HIDEOUTS & HOODLUMS adventure module is here! Palace of the Vamp Queen is complete with historical notes, tips for running the game, and all the trappings you would expect from an Old School module -- wandering encounter tables, hand-drawn maps, lots of rooms to explore -- and as much mobster-kicking, trophy-snatching action as you can fit into 24 pages!

Please Note: This product was written for 1st edition HIDEOUTS & HOODLUMS, but the newest version is reformatted and wholly compatible with the new 2nd edition. Little has changed in the actual game, but now it includes an appendix of all mobsters from 1st edition, used in the module that are not featured in the 2nd ed. Basic rulebook.
DweomerPunk: Cybernetics for B/X Essentials by Mark Craddock. Published by Cross Planes Game Studio. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for $1.00. 7 pages.
DweomerPunk: Cybernetics is the first in a series of Supplements for B/X Essentials and Moldvay's Basic and Expert Rules of the World's First RPG.

It features cybernetics to allow B/X Essentials to be played in World of Fantasy mixed with the CyberPunk Genre, world wherer Magic and Technology exist together.
B/X Essentials is required to play.
The Peacock Continent of Trollworld by Ken St. Andre. Published by Trollhalla Press. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for $2.99. 36 pages.
The Peacock Continent is a newly discovered region of Trollworld ripe for exploration. The Tjouse (pronounced Tah-woose-ay) are a sexually dimorphic humanoid kindred of warriors and wizards. The women are the warriors and the men are the wizards. They live in a dangerous land where they must contend with hostile elves, uruks, goblins, tse (mosquito men) and dragons.
Diesel Punks by Robert Garitta. Published by Surreal Estate Games. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for $1.50. 13 pages.
Steam is passe.
Diesel Punks introduces six new characters to bring your Hack game into the Atomic Age. Inspired by the planet stories of the 30's and 40's dieselpunk presents steel jawed heroes (and heroines) to take you to the planets and beyond!

The Computer -lightning fast calculator and right hand of the harried captain.

The Rocket Trooper -master of aerial combat!

The Sleeper -adventurer from the primitive past!

The Scientist -seeking the secrets of tghe Universe!

The Tube Monkey -keeper of the atomic fire and first to meet boarders head on!

The Solar Ace -piklot on the famous and infamous Solar Circuit, when you need a fast ship or a fast deal!

So rev up your engines, strap on your blaster and blast off!

Note: This product requires The Black Hack to use.

Uranium and blasters are not included.
Diesel Punks: Aliens 1 by Robert Garitta. Published by Surreal Estate Games. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for $1.00. 11 pages.
Diesel Punks introduces six new characters of the Atomic Space age for your Hack game. Now Aliens gives them someone to fight! From the noble Beast Masters to the vile Slugs to the deathly Skels. Every derelict ship or hidden tunnel they enter will have a good reason to win initiative!

Aliens gives stats and background capsules for 8 enigmatic races to meet, greet, and possibly eat your brave spacemen.

This product requires The Black Hack Second Edition to use.

Not responsible for any characters eaten.

Check out Diesel Punks for six new characters to feed to your aliens or vice versa! Also available Diesel Punks Armory for all manner of negotiating tools!
Diesel Punks Armory by Robert Garitta. Published by Surreal Estate Games. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for $1.00. 11 pages.
Steam is passe.

Diesel Punks introduces six new characters to bring your Hack game into the Atomic
 Age. Inspired by the planet stories of the 30's and 40's dieselpunk presents tools of the trade as you fight your way to the planets and beyond! It includes:

Notes on weapons of different technology levels, using cover and concealment, new weapon stats, add ons, and functions!

Eleven new weapons: flamers, hold out pistols, and the terrifying disintegrator!

So trade in your blaster, power up your new shinies and blast off!

Note: This product requires The Black Hack to use.

Ammunition not included.
Tar Pits of the Bone Toilers by Malrex. Published by The Merciless Merchants. Available from DriveThruRPG in Print for $10.00, in Print/PDF for $12.00 and in PDF for $5.00. 30 pages.
"The attention to detail and the professionalism of the writing and design is very impressive..." 6/6 from the Wild Die:

A new trade route is being sought through the Dalgarian Canyonlands, pass the friendly Kharazan, Village of Plenty. But the last two expeditions have never returned and the merchants are getting anxious for the new route, causing bags of gold to exchange hands.

Meanwhile, the ancient portal, the Maw of Ghormaug, has opened once more and invaders, ‘bone men’, are beginning to take over territory. No one is safe. Left unchecked, these lands are destined for horror and ruin, unless a brave party steps up to the challenge.

An adventure for Levels 5-8 for Labyrinth Lord, Labyrinth Lord Advanced Edition Companion ruleset and other OSR rulesets.
Island of Blight - TG2202 by Thom Wilson. Published by ThrowiGames. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for $5.00. 28 pages.
(A separate listing for a free set of Encounter Sheets is available here. A free 5 page Add-On, The Breeding Pools is available here.)
The Red Priests of the Snake God suffered a crushing blow to their plans when they failed to take the small town of Thuil. Reeling from their defeat, they have returned to the deep jungles of Nolgur-Wul to regroup. The human villages outside the jungles know that it is only a matter of time before the Red Priests and their minions return. Now is the time to take the fight to them, deep within the jungles! The characters are urged to delve into the depths of Nolgur-Wul to track the Red Priests back to their clandestine temple where it is said a serpent queen, maiden of the Snake God himself, leads the growing cult. On the trail of the fleeing Red Priests, the adventurers find that a mysterious blight has recently begun to destroy the western jungles, villages, and all life within. What starts as a quick investigation becomes an unusual and deadly puzzle. More importantly, is this blight the Snake God's doing or something completely separate?

A moderately challenging adventure for three to five players, Island of Blight can be played using OSRIC, 5E, and SRS. Written by Thom Wilson of ThrowiGames, edited by Michael J. Gross, III.

28 interior pages, cover, inside cover maps.

TSQ2 - Island of Blight, part 2 of a 4 part series (part 3 releases in early 2019)
1001 Typical Townsfolk by Wintertree Software. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for $1.50. 23 pages.
Welcome to the "1001 Things" collections

In a world where the major form of transportation (and possibly the only one allowed within town walls) is walking, the streets are filled with people as New York City streets are filled with taxicabs. Those people might be potential allies, potential enemies, or just nobody at all. And they don't wear signs saying which is which. The person the players need to talk to doesn't stand out by having a more detailed description than all the others – not if the GM has 1001 Typical Townsfolk.

A well-dressed man arguing with a street vendor is much more interesting than just "a person." Describing the people the party sees brings life and interest to your game. It makes your cities and towns more than just lists of services available and of course the usual inn. It provides handy hooks to hang adventures on. With 1001 Typical Townsfolk, you're ready to fill your towns and cities with life. 
Gregorius21778: 25 Encounters in the Eerie, Barbaric North by Kai Pütz a.k.a Gregorius21778. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for $1.75. 11 pages.
25 Encounters in the Eerie, Barbaric North is a by-product of my own RPG sessions, and based on encounters I presented to my own group while they ventured North of Hadrian´s Wall in a world based upon 14th century England (or: plan to do, as at the date of publication the small campaign is still ongoing). While the title is compatible with Lamentations of the Flame Princess(tm), the encounters were not written with a 16th or 17th century world in mind but for an earlier time period.

The “barbarians” in this release (that are not described as Scottish, Gaelic, Pict or anything but just named “barbarians”) fight with spears, axes, shields and short bows, wear nor armor or leather armor. They life in simple cottages or block houses, and either isolated or insmall villages. The region that is imagined to be the backdrop of the encounter is an isolated and cold land with rough hills and woodland: a rather typical environment in most game worlds. A few encounters feature local animals, most focus on the inhabitants of the land (and not all of those will lead to a fight). About half a dozen are strongly supernatural and included fairy and ghosts, some
feature troll or giant creatures. Only one encounter with demi-humans (dwarfs) is included.

Ten pages, more than 6500 words in total. Two pages are cover and front matter, eight pages feature the encounters and some artwork. A printer-friendly black/white version is part of the download as well.
Brindlemarsh - BR-2 of the Brindle Series by Lloyd Metcalf, Ric Martens. Published by Fail Squad Games. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for $5.00. 37 pages.
Kivuli, the villain from BR-1, found and was nursing the egg of the dragon that chased the dwarven cleric through the gate (detailed below). He was in hopes of hatching and controlling the young black dragon. The PCs either killed or drove off the magic-wielding kobold in their adventure.

The caves in which the above adventure took place are the original creation of dwarves. They previously created a gate to the dragon lair in the swamps in order to finish the job of slaying the mated pair of dragons.
The male dragon returned to the lair to find his mate and her nest gone and his treasure looted by the nasty dwarves. He would take his revenge!

He is now aware that he has a hatchling in the old lair. He is healed and can finally get his complete revenge, save his youngling, and perhaps retrieve some of his hoard! Of course, provided the PCs didn’t slay the hatchling. Nagareth seeks revenge either way.

SO11 Mad Madrigan's Maze by Louis "sirlou" Kahn. Published by Starry Knight Press. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for $5.00. 20 pages. 
A One-Shot Adventure
Compatible with Most Fantasy RPG systems
Recommended for 4 - 6 player characters of levels 4 to 6

A mad gnome tests adventurers by sealing them in his dungeon.
With only one avenue of escape, you must fight your way out!
Can you best the beasts and puzzles of Mad Madrigan’s Maze?
Hello and welcome, adventurers and Game Masters!

This is a one-shot module designed for use as an evening’s worth of adventuring as your players face their imminent demise, trapped in a mad gnome illusionist’s maze! Lured to the maze by a treasure map and rumours of great fortunes and powerful magick, the players soon become prisoners in Madrigan’s underground maze. The entire dungeon is on lock-down: the only known exit cannot be reopened and the entire place has been ensorcelled so teleportation, æthereal and dimensional spells all fizzle out and fail. The only way the players are getting out is by finding the exit the old fashioned way, dungeon delving!

The adventure in this module takes place in and around Ratchet a gnomish village located in the northwest area of The Dales, a large land mass in the author’s campaign world comprising a large fertile valley surrounded on all four sides by nearly impenetrable mountains. The Dales is the ancestral home of the halfling, gnome and dwarven races on this world.

The dungeon where the action occurs is situated 10 miles outside the village. The events herein occur after the players, unbeknownst to them, make the acquaintance of the mad mag Madrigan in a small pub in Ratchet, when he “accidentally” leaves them a map to his mage so he can test their mettle against his mouse trap!

This supplement contains a completely original ONE SHOT adventure, which was written as a quick and fun dungeon delve of monsters, traps and magic in the same vein as the classic Old School dungeons of yore! Inside you will find great Old-school art and detailed maps: including an Old School “blue dungeon map” with keyed encounters for each area; and a fully detailed Old School world map of The Dales, with information for further exploration.

This adventure also provides further details on the exciting new expansion to the author’s campaign world (being the third adventure set in this area), further opening up the homeland of the small folk to adventures with you players. The Dales, along with the nations of Alderburgh, Jarlburgh, Dùn Bhriste and The Red Eagle Barony, now bring the author’s camping world to five separate nation states to explore!

This book features 20 pages of excitement and thrills sure to be a hit with discerning GMs and players everywhere!

As an ADDED BONUS, as a purchaser of one of my modules you also get, ABSOLUTELY FREE, a copy of the inaugural issue of my Old School RPG zone, CAVALIER ATTITUDE!!
Manual of Unknown Monsters by Peter Pagano. Published by Peter Pagano Games. Available from DriveThruRPG in HC Print for $17.95, in Print/PDF for$22.90 and in PDF for $9.95. 108 pages.
Create Your Own Book of Monsters!
Conjure the magic of your imagination to create new monsters for your RPG fantasy world! 
About the Book 
Perhaps the most fun being a fantasy role-playing game-master is creating new monsters! This monstrous manual provides you with a dedicated place to record your own creations. It contains one hundred open listings waiting for you to add your own descriptions, backgrounds, and unique details to bring your creatures to life. There are sixty illustrations to help inspire the creation of your unique horde of horrible monsters. In addition, there are forty entries with enough space for you to create original drawings of your own monstrous creations.

Create all-new monsters to challenge your unsuspecting players!

This Manual of Unknown Monsters is for the imaginative DM; it does not contain pre-generated monsters with their stats. The illustrations are designed to provide the game referee a starting point to spark their imagination in the creation of new monsters for their fantasy world. If you want a book that collects monsters of your own creation then order the print version so you can add it to your eldritch library.

About the Artist
Peter Pagano has had the opportunity to draw many fantastic creatures in his career as an illustrator. He worked on the PC Game The Day the World Broke with three-time Caldecott award-winning artist David Weisner. For his book Monsters and Mazes, he created over a dozen illustrations of creatures from myth, folklore, and popular culture. He has also worked on several old school fantasy role-playing games. These include the award-winning Forbidden Caverns of Archaia and Barrowmaze Complete mega-dungeon books by Greg Gillespie. In addition, he has also illustrated covers and interior artwork for the games Strange Magic—Deeper Dungeons and Dungeons from Dungeoneer Games and Simulations.
WFRP Old World Adventures - Night of Blood by Jim Bambra,
Lindsay Law. Published by Cubicle 7 Entertainment. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for Free. 11 pages.
Night of Blood is one of the most played WFRP scenarios of all time. It was originally written over thirty years ago by Jim Bambra for WFRP 1stedition, and was published in White Dwarf 87 in March 1987. Later, it was republished in the WFRP 1st edition supplement, The Restless Dead, and has been a firm fan favourite ever since.

It’s a dark, stormy night, and the forest creaks as foul creatures howl through the undergrowth. As freezing rain slices from the roiling sky and attack threatens from all sides, the desperate adventurers stumble upon the warm glow of a fortified inn. But everything isn’t as it seems, and soon the unwitting heroes face deceit, betrayal, and horror as they strive to survive a terrifying Night of Blood.
Hobbs & Friends of the OSR Issue #3 Jason Hobbs. Published by Rock River Games. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for $3.95. 16 pages.
This is a zine of a DCC adventure. It is for placing between Sailors on the Starless Sea and Well of Souls. It is the product of the Patreon for the podcast for Hobbs and Friends of the OSR.

New Editions, Re-releases and Now in Print

Marvin the Mage Treasury Edition No.2 by Jim Wampler. Published by Mudpuppy Games. Available from the Publisher's site in PDF for $3.99 and from DriveThruRPG in PDF for $3.99. 32 pages.

(This may have a print version forthcoming from the publisher. See the Mudpuppy Games site for updates. No. 1, reported in The OSR News last week is now available in Print from the publisher for $4.99.)
Marvin the Mage is back! Part two of this treasury edition series collects even more of the misanthropic magic-user's earliest adventures. Issue No. 2 contains 3 stories, including a never-reprinted Gary Con episode and Marvin's appearance in Gygax magazine No.1, plus lots of other bonus toons and features!

Marvin the Mage
A misanthropic mage and medieval grifter, Marvin loathes actual adventuring. With a spell book optimized for cheating at card games and mixing adult beverages, Marvin has one ironclad rule that has always served him well: NO dungeons and NO dragons. Surly, selfish, and sarcastic by nature, Marvin is best described as just a pixie's wing this side of chaotic-neutral.
32 pages

Written and Drawn by: Jim Wampler
Edited by: Tim Kask
Shadow World: Jaiman : Land of Twilight by Terry Kevin Amthor. Published by Iron Crown Enterprises. Available from DriveThruRPG in Softcover for $26.74, Hardcover for $31.86, Soft/PDF for $38.74, Hard/PDF for $43.86 and in PDF for $18.00. 192 pages.
The Second Edition of Jaiman: Land of Twilight contains:
  • Updated and greatly expanded text, particularly the overview of the continent, including Urulan and other regions.
  • Updated Timeline with many new events.
  • Stats for Rolemaster Classic/RM2 and RMSS/ RMFRP.
  • All-new layout with full color interior.
  • New Jaiman map for the GM to give to PCs; other region maps collected.
  • Many new illustrations, including races, various locations around the continent, and of the Six Helms.
  • Eight adventures, including four extended scenarios that link to form a massive quest.
  • Layouts, including the Dragon Lord’s citadel, and the catacombs of the ancient kings of Tanara
A couple of the Mad Martian Games releases reported last week on Lulu have now shown  up on DriveThruRPG. The Temple of Drawoh Rock and The Girl With the Demon Tattoos. The DTR print releases come with the PDF at no extra charge and one of them is a little cheaper overall, as well.

More Free Stuff

Michael Bacon of Buildings are People has Cavegirl's Horrible Wounds formatted for Print.

Chuck of They Might Be Gazebos! has a new White Box Character Sheet.

Joseph Bloch of Greyhawk Grognard has been working on The Baklunish Pantheon.

Ray Otus of Jellysaw Games released There and Back Again v. 0.2.

Max Cantor of Weird & Wonderful Worlds made an Automatic Monster Generator for Sharp Swords & Sinister Spells.  

Stefan Poag made a Level Zero Hero character sheet for DCC.

Wrathofzombie made a Quick Critical Hit and Fumble Drop Die Table. 

Olav Nygård of Triple Suns posted his houserules. 10 page PDF.

Eric Diaz of Methods & Madness made a generator for Celestial Creation.

Joseph Browning of Sorcery & Super Science! posted The Majesty of Arden Vul (map o-rama!)

Lee Barber released Masters of the Jianghu. 17 page PDF. (Direct Link to File.)

Scott from Cyclopeana has The Darkling Grimoire in a 23 page PDF. 

Michael Prescott of Trilemma Adventures released The Man From Before: An Adventure Location. 2 page PDF.

And in Other News

Visit Erik at Tenkar's Tavern for info on the 12 Days of OSR Christmas. 

Expeditious Retreat Press has their Advanced Adventure Compendiums on sale for 30% off!

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D. G. Chapman of The Graverobber's Guide has a review of Black Pudding: Heavy Helping V. 1.

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