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The OSR News - November 23, 2018

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New Releases

Into the Mournwood Soft CoverInto the Mournwood by James Ward. Published by Mad Martian Games. Available from Lulu in Print for $7.00 and in PDF for $2.50. 58 pages.
The Hagwood has long been avoided by rational men, even thanes dare not walk the woods. Only the desperate, the insane, and the dark souls of Pohjola travel the paths of the forest by choice. 
But destiny calls the brave and the fool. The greedy and the heroic. Can you face the dangers of the haunted wood? Will you save the lost travellers? 
How far will you go... Into the Mournwood? 
Into the Mournwood is the second adventure set within the Ice Kingdoms, written by industry legend James M. Ward, Into the Mournwood thrusts a band of adventurers into the dark and evil forests haunted by savage orcs, curses, zombies, canibals and the most feared monsters of the Thanelands, the hags of the Mournwood. 
Into the Mournwood can be used as a stand alone adventure or as part of an ongoing campaign and the adventure module can also be used as a campaign guidebook by Game Masters to set further adventures in the Haunted Forest.

The Girl With the Demon Tattoos By C.S. Barnhart. Published by Mad Martian Games. Available from Lulu in Print for $6.50 and in PDF for $2.50. 50 pages.
The Girl With the Demon Tattoos
Tenebrous is a village of the outcast and the damned. Home of the infamous Gardens of Woe and center of a bloody clan dispute the only refuge comes from the local temple of the god of dooms. 
Under the watchful eye of the Temple’s priests and deep inside Stormgard Keep lies a secret evil returning for revenge. 
Can you survive... The girl with the demon tattoos? 
The Girl with the Demon Tattoos is the third adventure set within the Ice Kingdoms, written by CS Barnhart. 
The adventure thrusts a band of adventurers into the aftermath of a clan feud from thirty years ago. But while the feud itself may be long over, the blood of hatred burns forever and one survivor has bargained for the power of revenge. 
The Girl with the Demon Tattoos can be used as a stand alone adventure or as part of an ongoing campaign.
Temple of Drawoh Rock

Temple of Drawoh Rock By C.S. Barnhart. Published by Mad Martian Games. Available in Print for $5.00 and in PDF for $1.75. 20 pages.
The Temple of Drawoh Rock is an adventure module for 1st level characters exploring the Ice Kingdoms. 
As warriors of Thane Ornulf the characters will sail the Atalac Sea, explore the Gate Isles, and raid the Monastery of Jove. 
But what starts out as a simple plan to rob some peaceful monks turns into a harrowing adventure as the adventurers cross paths with the machinations of a deadly sorcerer. 
The Temple of Drawoh Rock is the fourth adventure for the Ice Kingdoms Campaign Setting.
Iron Pax by Douglas Underhill. Available from DriveThru RPG in PDF for PWYW. 73 pages.
Iron Pax is an OSR/DIY-style hack of the world's most popular role-playing game, set in a fantasy world of colonialist dystopia. Some things that set Iron Pax apart: 
  • Heat, a push-your-luck mechanic for proficiency checks and spell-casting that is also a measure of how actively the authorities are hunting you
  • Flexible spellcasting using old-school spells where you can scale up the effect while also scaling up the risk
  • Optional leveling beyond 10th with rules for magical artifacts, strongholds, and upgrading your allies and companions
  • A proficiency system where characters don't have to roll to succeed at what they're really good at
  • Player-facing die-rolls, so your rolls decide what happens rather than the GM rolling behind a screen
  • Lots of tables to flesh out the world of the Iron Pax, incuding dragons, demons and abominations as diverse and surprising as they are frightening
Midderzine_Issue_2_Cover_LORES_OBSMidderzine Issue 2 by Glynn Seal, Richard Marpole. Published by MonkeyBlood Design. Available from the Publisher in Print for £6.75 and in PDF from DriveThru RPG for $3.86. 24 pages.
More Green for your game
More fodder for your ‘The Midderlands’ OSR campaign setting.
Our second issue!!
This is a fanzine for The Midderlands campaign setting for old school games. Although The Midderlands was written for Swords & Wizardry Complete, it works with all the old school games and retroclones with little or no conversion. Hell, you can even adopt it for any fantasy roleplaying game.
Within this issue you can find news articles, information about locations, NPCs, monsters, races, classes, oddities, spells, flora, fauna, and just about anything to do with the Midderlands, the Haven Isles, and further afield.
  • More fodder for your ‘The Midderlands’ OSR campaign setting.
  • More rumours from The Haven Gazette.
  • Meet the Midderlander: Edwin Nagy, the New England wizard.
  • A New Cult: The Vile Sign.
  • Some ‘Slightly Less Sh*t’ random tables for creating Containers of Liquid and +1 Weapons & Armour.
  • Port Mulhollow: An underground settlement.
  • New Monsters: Pigseers, Biledogs, and Dunglings.
  • A New Class: The Woad Rager.
  • New Oddities including: Laird MacCrae's Prime Haggis, and Screaming Sporrans.
  • And more…
FP:1 Arrival at Fort Perilous by John Leeper. Published by Grey Goblin Games. Available from DriveThru RPG in PDF for $2.20. 30 pages.
This is an old-school sandbox adventure for the basic version of the world's most popular fantasy RPG. Explore the wilderness and the three detailed dungeons around the human outpost of Fort Perilous. 
On the border between wilderness and civilization, Fort Perilous stands, keeping watch and holding the forces of Chaos at bay. Your heroes find themselves in the fort, drawn into the battles between civilization and monsters, between Law and Chaos.
This module is compatible with the B/X and Labyrinth Lord rules and is published under the Open Game License (OGL)

Zangid Raider Technical Manual - For Starships & Spacemen 2EZangid Raider Technical Manual - For Starships & Spacemen 2e by Scott R. Mulder. Published by Luminous Design. Available from DriveThru RPG in PDF for $3.00. 27 pages.
The Zangid Space Force E-2 Raider is a pre-generated starship with deck plans for use with Goblinoid Games' Starships & Spacemen 2E Role-playing game. This game supplement will provide you with a ready to use starship resource perfect for individual games or epic campaigns. You can use the material presented here as it is or modify it to fit your specific needs.

WFRP Ubersreik Adventures - If Looks Could Kill by Andy Law, Dave Allen, Ben Scerri. Published by Cubicle 7 Entertainment. Available from DriveThru RPG in PDF for Free. 28 pages.

Legends claim the Beast of Ortschlamm stalked the marshes near Ubersreik for centuries. But few believe it…
When the adventurers agree to help Rutger Reuter, a charismatic, young merchant from Ubersreik, little do they realise what’s in store. What starts as a simple job guarding building supplies, soon turns to tragedy, horror, and murder. The Characters will not only need their wits about them to negotiate the double-dealing camp of Reuter and his business partners, but also the Beast they have unwittingly stirred…
Ubersreik Adventures: If Looks Could Kill is an adventure for Warhamer Fantasy Roleplay Fourth Edition, written by WFRP veteran Dave Allen. It is designed with beginner Characters in mind, and concludes in the fortress-town Ubersreik, where the Characters’ adventures can continue with the WFRP Starter Set.
Look Beyond the Angry Eye of God, Heathen by Evey Lockhart. Published by Violent Media. Available from DriveThru RPG in PDF for PWYW. 15 pages. 
a system of meditative magic, Coleopteric in Nature

In the smallest, crawling things there lies the sum of All.
In the ignoble beetle, power resides. When you Comprehend that a ball of horseshit, rolled about by a Scarab, is no different than yourself, or the sun, or your mother, many things become possible.

This is 15 pages of weird-sad RPG business, offering a mystical beetle-focused magic system for succinct fantasy games with Hit Dice, Saving Throws, and the usual 6 stats. The primary pdf is fully hyperlinked to make at-table navigation a breeze. Further, a pdf of print-and-fold player handouts are provided for when your players manage to grave-rob themselves a grimoire.

We are all nothing. We are all everything. This is not a contradiction.
Cosmic Tales #1 by Aos. Self Published. Available in Print for $5.95 + shipping.
This post fills me with terror. 
After half a decade of threats 
CosmicTales #1 is on sale. 
22 available copies. 
What you get: 48 pages of story and two pages of pin ups, three if you count the next issue promo. 
5.95 + 3.99 shipping and handling (US) international we’ll work it out in email.
My pay pal is the metal earth “at” gmail; no spaces.
Write a thoughtful or especially obscene email and I’ll do a letters page, for Number 2; they’re all number 2, friends.
I’ll order more if there is interest. I’ll finish this post after I reign in the laughtears.
Fair warning: you’ll be going on a bit of an artistic journey with me as my resistance to developing a style is utterly destroyed and I’ve gone a good deal further since finishing this in March(?).
Thanks for all the support and pestering. 
Trey Causey did the cover colors and the log
DieHexer by Glynn Seal. Published by MonkeyBlood Design Available from DriveThru RPG in PDF for PWYW. 1 page.
Got a dice giving you trouble? 
Put it in the DieHexer for a few rounds to see if it changes its mind.*
Print, cut off the edge/logo bit, and then place on the table ready for your troublesome dice...

*not guaranteed to work. This is intended to be a bit of fun... maybe...

Sanctum Secorum - Episode #40 Companion by Bob Brinkman. Published by Sanctum Media. Available from DriveThru RPG in PDF for $0.00. 12 pages.
Magic Items
Crystal Egg
Dire Turkey
Pumpkin Bugbear
Pyramid Builder
Dire Turkey
Pumpkin Bugbear Pie
Pumpkin Bugbear Mincemeat Pie
Five Classes by Rick Stump, The Fun Lads Five. Published by Harbinger Games. Available from DriveThru RPG in PDF for $2.00. 25 pages.
Classes to Add to your Game
Five Classes is is the newest supplement in the Five series from Harbinger Games.
Five Classes brings PC/NPC classes to your Old School Fantasy game that add depth, flavor, and ability. Everyone will want a henchman or five from the list, perhaps even to play one. 
The Courtier is a master of etiquette, diplomacy, and management. 
The Scholar is a minor mage and a minor sage, allowing them to solve problems, answer questions, and cast spells. 
The Soldier is a fierce fighter skilled in personal duels but more adept at the mass battlefield, the military camp, and the seige. A true asset when leading mercenaries. 
The Spy is a master of intriuge, rumors, shadowing, and finding out hidden facts. 
The Summoner can master any magic, but at a great price!
All the classes have een play tested for decades and are yours to tweak for your own campaign.
Get Five Classes and add some fun to your game!

Re-Issues, New Editions and Now in Print

Cepheus Light By Omer Golan-Joel & Josh Peters. Available from Lulu in Print for $18.99. 164 pages. The PDF version is available from DriveThru RPG for PWYW.

Cepheus LightCepheus Light is a set of rules for playing classic science fiction games. It includes rules on creating characters, resolving actions, fighting other creatures, and engaging in space battles, generating worlds, handling the risks of interstellar speculative trading, exploring new worlds, and many other activities. While rules-light and designed for fast, action-packed play rather than an accurate simulation of reality, Cepheus Light encompasses a wide variety of rules and materials for building a science-fiction universe and playing in it. 
Cepheus Light draws its inspiration from old-school science-fiction roleplaying games. It shares a lot of similarities with these games. Material from older rules sets and those created with Cepheus Light, the Cepheus Engine Core, and old-school sci-fi roleplaying games are easily compatible with only a moderate amount of adjustment. 
The future awaits! 
Compatible with the Cepheus Engine System Reference Document and other OGL 2D6 Sci Fi games.
Mythras by Pete Nash, Lawrence Whitaker. Published by Design Mechanism.  Available from DriveThru RPG in Print/PDF combo for $34.99 and in PDF for $10.95. 304 pages. (see The Design Mechanism website for alternative purchasing options. Currently they're listing print copies for $39.95 and PDF's for $15.00.)
Mythras Core rules 
Mythras is the new name for an older game, but while the name might have changed, the system remains the same, but presented in an updated format with new interior artwork and layout design, along with some new content (Special Effects, small tweaks to the rules, and Spirit Combat Effects). In fact, we've managed to pack more into a smaller space, and reduced the price accordingly. 
For those new to the game, Mythras is a percentile system. In Mythras your characters are defined by their culture, career, community, background, comrades, skills, magic and cults. Progression is through skill advancement – not levels or similarly abstract concepts. As your characters adventure and quest, their capabilities improve and their relationships deepen and strengthen. Players and Games Masters have complete flexibility over what can be achieved, and the way characters develop is entirely dependent on choices players make, depending on their characters’ aspirations and motivations. 
Games Masters receive a huge amount of support through the Mythras rules. All the concepts and game mechanics are explained clearly with options and considerations explored and presented for ease of use. You need only this rulebook for many years of exciting and imaginative play.
The Ruined Tower Giant: An OSR Adventure Published by Unbalanced Dice Games. Available from DriveThru RPG in Print/PDF combo for $13.99, In Print for $9.99 and in PDF for $4.00. 43 pages.
A nice mid level adventure for Labyrinth Lord. The party must go to the tower the giant took with him when he ran away. Something is bugging the Duke and his Necromancer thinks it has to do with the tower. The tower must be explored and the purgative put in every room. Will they have an easy time doing this? Of course not. The tower is dangerous but someone else has taken residence up very close to it. Only by entering the tower will they find out who that is...

What has the Duke done to us!?!?
Draw Your Swords!
Marvin the Mage Treasury Edition No.1 by Jim Wampler. Art by Jim Wampler and James V. West. Published by Mudpuppy Games. Available from DriveThru RPG in PDF for $3.99. (The print version was released at Gamehole con, but I have no further info available at this time. Check the Publisher site for updates.) 34 pages.
Marvin the Mage is back! This collection of the misanthropic magic-user's earliest adventures contains 5 complete stories, including two stories that originally appeared only in the Gary Con Events Guide, plus behind-the-scenes articles.
PDF EDITION ONLY BONUS: A never-before-published 2-page color story created for an unrealized OSR fanzine, with art by James V. West.
Marvin the Mage
A misanthropic mage and medieval grifter, Marvin loathes actual adventuring. With a spell book optimized for cheating at card games and mixing adult beverages, Marvin has one ironclad rule that has always served him well: NO dungeons and NO dragons. Surly, selfish, and sarcastic by nature, Marvin is best described as just a pixie's wing this side of chaotic-neutral.
32 pages 

Written and Drawn by: Jim Wampler
Additional art by: James V. West
Edited by: Tim Kask and Matt Finch
The Polyhedron Volume 2 #2 Issue 5 from Wizards of the Coast. Available from DriveThru RPG in PDF for $0.99. 16 pages.
Included in this issue: 
  • Gift Catalog Changes
  • INTERVIEW with Gary Lee "Jake" Jaquet— Part 2 of three parts
  • The Round Table — Point: Impressions of an RPGA Tournament/Counterpoint
  • Bag of Tricks — Tips for D&D® and AD&DTM players
  • Spelling Bee: Crystalbrittle and Energy Drain — Our series on AD&DTM spell effects continues
  • Figure Painting — Figure painting advice from the expert, by Michael Brunton
  • RPGA Charter Members — The Elite, Part 1, A-L
  • More Conventions — TOP SECRET®, BOOT HILLTM and GAMMA WORLDTM Game Updates 

Far Away Land: Bundle of Awesome [BUNDLE] by Dirk Stanley. Published by Simian Circle Games. Available from DriveThru RPG in PDF for $25.00 (regular price of $44.99.) 877 pages.

(If you're looking for these in PDF instead of print, the bundle makes the set almost half price. I've never played it personally, but it looks like a cool game and as a fan of Adventure Time, it's on my list.)

RPGA NEWS Volume 2 #1 from Wizards of the Coast. Available from DriveThru RPG in PDF for $0.99. 16 pages. 

Included in this issue: 
  • Fighter Coming Around A Corner — Willingham art
  • The Polyhedron — The NEW Newsletter:
  • Convention Update — The latest news from the East Coast
  • NAME CONTEST Finishes!
  • GRENADIER — Reprinted from the Grenadier Bulletin
  • INTERVIEW with "Jake " Jaquet — Starting a 3-part series
  • Spelling Bee: Evocations — Continuing our AD&D™ series
  • BASICally Speaking — A new D&D® BASIC column by Jon Pickens
  • NOR — Our new cartoon series by Roger Raupp

Hidden Hand of the Horla, By the Author Of the BlogT1 Hidden Hand of the Horla - Physical Limited Edition, Signed and Numbered by R. J. Thompson. Published by Appendix N Entertainment. $18.00. You can still get the PDF from DriveThru RPG for $1.99. 22 pages.

A 1st - 3rd level adventure for use with Gateway To Adventure and other Original Edition Fantasy Role Playing Games.
Legends tell of the Hand Mage's Tower that once stood at the edge of the realm. Within the Hand Mage experimented and hoarded his magical treasures. The tower stood for many years until one day it mysteriously vanished. Rumors spread that the mage had offended the gods and had been eradicated from existence, or else had made a pact with a demon prince and was now paying his due. Whatever the case, the tales became legend and all but the oldest elves were unsure if the tower had ever existed at all. Now the tower has reappeared where it once stood. Will you dare to enter the ancient tower in search of riches and magical secrets?

In the "DTRPG says it's OSR and I Typed it Out Before Noticing the Cover Said 5e compatible, So What The Hell," Department...

Jungle Tomb of the Mummy Bride by Levi Combs. Published by Planet X Games. Available from DriveThru RPG in PDF for $9.99. 87 pages.
Tales of the cursed pyramid and the sleeping tomb of the Mummy Bride have long been a traveler’s tale, passed along by wayward explorers and greedy plunderers alike. Deep within the verdant jungles of the south, amidst a Green Hell of impenetrable jungle, savage cannibals and ancient myth, lies the shattered remnants of a once-powerful civilization and the terrible gods who ruled over them. Rumors swirl of untold riches and un-plundered magic for those brave (or foolish!) enough to claim it. Will your players survive… and what will be left of them? 
The Jungle Tomb of the Mummy Bride is an old school, grindhouse-style combination of classic role playing adventure and devilishly-designed dungeons for levels 5-7, cram-packed with b-movie goodness to challenge even the most seasoned of adventurers. It’s a module that could only have been made in the primitive jungles of man… where life is cheap! 
The 87 page download includes the full module, 8 bonus sepia-toned treasure maps and a 10 page Players Pack that includes a one of kind custom character sheet by Karl Stjernberg!

More Free Stuff!

MonkeyBlood Design has made The Demon Stones available for PWYW on DriveThru RPG. Available in Print or PDF (There is a minimum cost on the print to cover printing costs.) 75 pages.

From DwD Studios here's a 1e Character Sheet in PDF.

If you visit Jimm Johnson at The Contemptible Cube of Quazar he has some Printable Maps & Monster Matrices for Module XQ1: The Castle that Fell from the Sky.

Jeff Rients of Jeff's Gameblog released these paper minis into the wild. Direct link to PDF file.

Dyson Logos of Dyson's Dodecahedron released a map - The Blessed Monastery.

Omer G. Joel at Den of the Lizard King released the Hard Space: Updated Starmap.

Wizzzargh at DMiurgy has posted maps of Four Campaign Worlds & Lessons from their Creation.

Dan at Throne of Salt posted part two of his Unnamed Mothership Setting.

P_ARMSTRONG returned to his Ode to Black Dougal blog after a 5 year absence, to talk about Small Greyhawk. 

Saker Tarsos of Tarsos Theorem made a Veins of the Earth Automated DM Screen.

Steve C at The Borderlands shows you How To Resolve Anything That Comes Up.

Michael "Chgowiz" Shorten of CHICAGOWIZ'S GAMES continues his Three Hexes series with Three the Hard Way.

James V. West of Doomslakers! posted a one page adventure: A Trolling We Will Go.

Misc. Gaming News

Emmy Allen of Cavegirl's Game Stuff shares Why I Like the OSR.

Rob Conley of Bat in the Attic has some update info on Blackmarsh.

Daniel Sell of What Would Conan Do? Is paying for accepted submissions to The Undercroft. 

And Speaking of Black Friday...

See Tenkar at the Tavern for the low-down on OSR Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales. 

Reviews from the Gaming Community

Christopher Bishop from Multiverse has a review of Blood & Treasure 2nd edition.

Arturs Leitans from AL0 Lair of the Megagorgon has another play report from Through Ultan's Door. 

Pookie UK of Reviews from R'lyeh has a review of Conan: Jeweled Thrones of the Earth (not exactly OSR, but it's Conan and Pookie gives us a lot of reviews.)

About the News

Links to DriveThru RPG are affiliate links. The OSR News is Supported by my Patrons through Patreon. No publishers pay for inclusion or placement. On occasion, I may receive an item from a publisher or author, for review. This is not necessary for inclusion The OSR News. 

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I've Started a Patreon to Support The OSR News and other works! And a Map!

After listening to suggestions from some of my readers, I've started a Patreon to help support The OSR News and Dreams of Mythic Fantasy.

A typical News post takes 7-10 hours to put together, depending upon the activity level of the community. I expect this time commitment to increase, as my plans for the News and related material are realized. In particular, I'm planning a YouTube channel devoted to gaming, the OSR, reviews, etc. There's a few OSR & related channels now, but not many and I think its time the OSR really made its presence known on that platform.

As a person who is self employed, working with a few different streams of income, time taken away from paying work, costs. This is one of the reasons I set aside the blog a few years ago. A Patreon will allow me to continue working on the News and extend my efforts.

Your patronage and consideration is most appreciated and thank you all for giving me the opportunity to be a part of one of the coolest things, ever!

And if you visit the Patreon page, there's a copy of a recent map available for download. Brisco's 1st lvl Paladin is still in one of those hexes...

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The OSR News - Nov. 17, 2018

New Releases

Ford's Faeries: A Bestiary Inspired by Henry Justice Ford by the G+ OSR Community. Published by Studio Kortex. Available from DriveThru RPG in PDF for Free. 116 pages.
A bestiary inspired by the masterful work of Henry Justice Ford.
Meet the Moon-Headed Giant, the Leechlich, and the Fencer Familiar, and more than 50 other weird creatures fit for campaigns of every level. The full-page illustrations, often taken from fairytale books, have led our 15 authors to create original monsters that will give a quirky twist to your game. They all come with enough material to become the centerpiece of the session.
Contributors: Dan D., Daniel Lofton, Dat Epic Fish, Emmy Allen, Eric Diaz, Eric Nieudan, Goblin’s Henchman, Guillaume Jentey, HD Atkinson, James V. West, Jean-Marc "Tolkraft" Choserot, Ktrey Parker, Magimax, Roger SG Sorolla, Sébastien d’Abrigeon, and Vance Atkins.
Image result for posterStats are compatible with most early editions of Dave and Gary's game and their retroclones.
Meandering - Across the Radlands #1 by R.S. Tilton, Jeff Scifert. Published by Epic Meanderings. Available from DriveThru RPG in PDF for $4.50. 26 pages.
Meandering - Across the Radlands #1. Welcome to the GLOW. Where were you when the bombs fell? Did you make it to the ShelterTek Shelter? Are you one of the mutated survivors? Whithin the pages of this inaugural issue, you will find: The Buggeymen, a new sub-class of Insecta mutants. The Vault of the Ancients contains sixteen new artifacts for seekers to find. Expanded weapons, armor, and occupations for games with a more recent Great Disaster; as well as a Bestiary for some common enemies in the Glow.

Umberwell: Blackened Be Thy Name by Jack Shear. Art by Tenebrous Kate. Published by Dolorous Exhumation Press. Available from DriveThru RPG in Print for $14.95 and in PDF for $9.95. 134 pages.
Discover Umberwell, a fantasy metropolis of stunning strangeness and decadent splendor. Explore a city of urban dungeons, encounter marvelous artifice, and hear the prayers offered to the six goddesses of the City of Exiles. Tour the city’s island sprawl, its underground warrens, its undersea domes, and the rusting towers that lead to its skyward reaches. Mingle with devious wizards, thieving gangs, and creatures drawn to the city from across the planar multiverse. All you have to do is learn to survive the streets, crypt-kicker! Beautiful fiends, deadly assassins, scheming secret societies, raucous cabarets, and horrid monsters await just beyond the harbors. Embark and taste the impossible fever dream.
Umberwell: Blackened Be Thy Name is a system-neutral city campaign setting for picaresque urban fantasy adventures inspired by New Weird fiction. The book includes:
  • Art by Tenebrous Kate.
  • Details on the city of Umberwell, including information on its demoness mayor, its worm trains, its dangerous gangs and cults, its interplanar zones, and much more.
  • Information on the myriad races who populate the city.
  • Ideas for genre-appropriate characters and the reasons that brought them to the metropolis.
  • Eleven factions and twenty-six NPCs to involve your players in intrigue.
  • Advice and tools for running a fantasy RPG in an urban setting.
  • Tools for use in game, such as copious adventure seeds, random tables, and a comprehensive adventure generator that gives you the basis of a scenario with little prep.
  • A full index of subjects, an index of adventure ideas, and an index of the book's random tables.
  • A design philosophy that prioritizes ease of use and speed of play. All "lore" entries are easy to scan, and make use of bullet points and bold text to draw your attention to the important bits so you can get on with your game.
  • All pdfs include a bonus pdf of the first supplement: Scardogs and Scapegaces, which brings the described number of NPCs to fifty.
  • Umberwell exists on the same world as Cinderheim: The Land Under the Demon Sun, so if you enjoy this product you may with to check that out as well and use them together in your campaigns. Check it out here.
Image result for NewsThe Indie Hack by Slade Stolar, Herror. Published by Scablands Press. Available from Indie Press Revolution in Print for $10.00 and in PDF for $5.50. 30 pages.
The Indie Hack (TIH) is a minimalist fantasy roleplaying game, build up from the ideas in The Black Hack, that is played with pencils, paper, dice, and imagination. It takes old-school gaming and gives it an indie edge: you get heroes, magic, traps, and monsters but the players get more control over the richness of the story.
The characters are ruled not by abstract ideas of goodness and order, but by Masters (who they try to impress) and Goddesses (who they need to appease when they are near death). The characters have relationships with each other and NPCs that mechanically evolve. Players answer class-centric questions about the world during character creation, to help the GM develop the setting and tone of the adventure.
There are seven classes to choose from: The Veteran wades through battle. The Exorcist banishes the Unliving. The Hunter can find anything in the wilderness. The Scoundrel bypasses traps and locks. The Elementalist manipulates fire, water, and stone. The Occultist summons up dead things. And The Outlander is... well... different.
At just 28 pages, The Indie Hack a light-weight way to shift your dungeon-delving paradigm.
In The Indie Hack, you don't collect XP, you collect scars.
Image of A Night at the Golden Duck
A Night at the Golden Duck by Patrick Stuart and Scrap Princess. Available in Print for £5.00.
A small zine encounter by Patrick Stuart and Scrap Princess, made in the cut-up style used in Fire on the Velvet Horizon.
A Night at the Golden Duck is an 8 page fold-out zine with five unique NPCs, the legend of a mysterious treasure which might provoke them to secret murder, and when folded out, a map of the Golden Duck Inn.
There is an answer to the mystery but since each NPC has different motives, secrets and abilities and will react differently depending on circumstance, there is no set path to the encounter, it could go differently each time.

B/X Ascending for B/X Essentials by Mark Craddock. Published by Cross Planes Game Studio. Available from DriveThru RPG in PDF for $2.99. 65 pages.
Image result for Video gameDo you love B/X Essentials, Moldvay’s version of the World’s First RPG, and Labyrinth Lord?
Do you also love some of the innovations from later edition of the First RPG?
B/X Ascending is a supplement for B/X Essentials that focuses on unifying the game to a roll-high d20 mechanic based on classic saving throws. It updates the Classes while keeping Race-As-Class, and adds Paladins, Monks, Rangers, Illusionists, and Druids. It includes Trained and Untrained Skills and treats them as Saving Throws, it uses Ascending AC, and Attack Bonuses.
B/X Ascending aims to keep the best parts of B/X Essentials while adding some of the modern ideas we’ve all grown to love.
For those curious about B/X Ascending, I know it sounds like I just injected the d20 system into it, but I chose to focus the unified mechanic on the classic saving throw. There are no DCs set by the Referee. Each class and race ability has a target number, just like saving throws in B/X. Additionally, Trained and Untrained Skills are now Saving Throws.
Elfmaids & Octopi Adventures in Space by Chris Tamm. Available from the author's blog in PDF for Free. 116 pages.
OK as i was mentioned in a SF thread im making this shambling space wreck of a unfinished book available. Might work with several games even mothership space cthulhu star frontiers. Will revise it one day and get cover finished. Thanks to my Patrons....share it as helps me be motivated to make more stuff
TFT Adventure: The Chaos Triads by Steven Marsh. Published by Steve Jackson Games. Available from Warehouse 23 in PDF for $5.00. 12 pages.
The_fantasy_trip_chaos_triads_1000A dying heir, an abandoned mine, and a closely-held secret figure into this gamemastered adventure for The Fantasy Trip, as a group of heroes set forth on a mission of mercy. But they are not the first to take on this quest, and the actions of their predecessors will bring them up against the edge of Chaos itself. Can they survive an encounter with the Chaostained? The Chaos Triads is an adventure by veteran writer Steven Marsh worthy to kick off the return of the classic Steve Jackson roleplaying game, and includes a labyrinth map, new counters, and new cut-and-paste labyrinth tiles to use with the ones included in The Fantasy Trip Legacy Edition set.
Garadur's Plateau Megadungeon Poster Map by Charley Phipps. Available from Squarehex in Print for £6.00. 
I've just received a very limited print run of this giant megadungeon map by Charley Phipps. The prints are B1 sized (1000 x 707mm 39.4 x 27.8 inches) and printed on matt white paper. I've added some of them to my site (see link below) and I'll be taking the rest with me to Dragonmeet in December.
D240 NPC Careers by Black Earth Press. Available from DriveThru RPG in PDF for $0.99. 7 pages.
d240 NPC Careers 240 random careers for Characters or NPCs. Need to generate NPC careers on the fly?Or just want to award day-jobs to your fantasy Characters or campaign-world setting? No problem, with d240 NPC Careers. 
This product was designed for use with old-school games of first edition, Basic, or Expert rules and includes an optional Class skills system. Feel free to adapt these rules for use with your own games. Enjoy!

Black Earth Press is an independent design studio dedicated to producing innovative game rules and supplements, with that old-school feel.
The Wilderness of OrdurakThe Wilderness of Ordurak by Rodger Thorm. Published by Antherwyck House Games. Available from DriveThru RPG in Premium Softcover/PDF combo for $23.95, Standard Print/PDF $19.95 and in PDF for $12.95. 57 pages.
A group of adventurers is sought to aid in unraveling a mystery set in an untamed land. The Barony of Auskenheim is the most recent addition to the Confederation of Baronies, on the frontier where wild magic is more prevalent, and life is more dangerous, than in more civilized lands. 
A quasi-sandbox setting for a group of 4 to 6 Adventurer level characters. The Wilderness of Ordurak is a fantasy role-playing adventure scenario designed for 4 to 6 Adventurer-level characters for use with DragonQuest (and other fantasy role-playing games).
Wilderness of Ordurak Gazetteer
Wilderness of Ordurak Gazetteer by Rodger Thorm. Published by Antherwyck House Games. Available from DriveThru RPG in PDF for $3.95. 11 pages.
The Gazetteer is complementary with the Wilderness of Ordurak adventure, and provides further information about the setting. This gazetteer describes the geography, natural features, landmarks, cities, and peoples of the region depicted in the Wilderness of Ordurak map. 
The region portrayed in The Wilderness of Ordurak has been developed to be complimentary with The Frontiers of Alusia and serves to extend on the setting and background that was established in that supplement.
The Wilderness of Ordurak - Map only
The Wilderness of Ordurak - Map only by Rodger Thorm. Published by Antherwyck House Games. Available from DriveThru RPG in PDF for $12.00. 1 page.
Campaign map for the Wilderness of Ordurak adventure for DragonQuest, but can be used with any role-playing game.

Misc. Free Stuff

Slightly less shit animal followers/familiars from MonkeyBlood Design. And some Slightly Less Shit Townsfolk.

Jay Murphy of The Vanishing Tower has some Vornheim Random Generators. 

MistyBeee made an impressive Map of the Middle Earth. 

Tristan Tanner of The Bogyman's Cave has his House Rules V.01 PDF. 19 pages.

Robert Pearce has an update for his Starship Geomorphs PDF. 

Check out Michael Curtis' essay at Goodman Games - Appendix N Archeology: Clark Ashton Smith.

ravencrowking of Raven Crowking's Nest has some DCC RPG 1st level Cheat Sheets.

Luke Gearing of Ant-Lerrr has a Cyberpunk 2020 Post Apoc Hack and DCC Adventures he's put up in PDF. 8 and 2 pages respectively.

Sebastián Calvo of DemogorgoniA made a Frostbitten & Mutilated Unofficial Amazon Tribe Name Generator.

Reviews from Around the Web

Patrick from False Machine has a review of Through Ultan's Door.

Tamás Illés of Vorpal Mace reviews The Meat Grinder.

Joe Banner has a review of A Night at the Golden Duck. 

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I have received no remuneration from any publisher for reporting on their releases, nor is such a requirement for a product to be included in these posts. At times, an author or publisher may send me a complimentary copy of an item, for purposes of review. This is not a requirement for a product's inclusion in these posts. One Bookshelf site links are affiliate links and may provide some compensation from that retail site. 
Please feel free to send me information on any new releases, events, or other items of interest, which you would like to see mentioned.

Friday, November 9, 2018

The OSR News - Nov 9, 2018

New Releases

Random Encounters Map Collection Vol 1, Issue 2 (Sept 2018)Random Encounters Map Collection Vol 1, Issue 1 (Aug 2018)
Random Encounters Map Collection Vol 1, Issue 1 (Aug 2018) by Justin David Russell. Published by Epic Werkes Studio. Available from DriveThru RPG in PDF for $10.00. 70 pages.

Random Encounters Map Collection Vol 1, Issue 2 (Sept 2018) by Justin David Russell. Published by Epic Werkes Studio. Available from DriveThru RPG in PDF for $10.00. 70 pages.

Random Encounters Map Collection Vol 1, Issue 3 (Oct 2018) by Justin David Russell. Published by Epic Werkes Studio. Available from DriveThru RPG in PDF for $10.00. 70 pages.
Random Encounters Map Collection Vol 1, Issue 3 (Oct 2018)
Want help finding inspiration for your next adventure? Are you a busy GM looking for a quick map? Do you want unique locations to spice up your random encounter tables? Then you’ve come to the right place! Random Encounters provides creative solutions for gamers. It specifically caters to the Old School Renaissance, but the maps, hooks, and descriptions found in this book can be used for any fantasy role playing system. 
Please enjoy this offering. Have fun and, as always, GAME ON!
The Forgotten Warband by Ricardo Esteves. Published by Stranger Foundry. Available from DriveThru RPG in PDF for $1.00. 12 pages.
The Forgotten WarbandThe Second Edition of the Black Hack brought the streamlined and inspired OSR movement to a new level. 
The characters playbooks offer very concise and focused ways to explore and enjoy the traditional classes. But what if you wanted more? What if you wished to explore the world and its dangers and dungeons with a different set of characters? Unique and powerful on their own way? 
The Forgotten Warband brings four new classes with inspirational artwork for your game. Bring destruction and avoid the perils of the Black Hack. 
  • Play as a Crusader, a mighty warrior that balances his martial prowess and his faith.
  • Be an Eldritch, a cursed wizard bóund to become and shift into a abyssal monster.
  • Conquer the wilderness as an Outlander, a trained explorer: lethal, brutal and precise
  • Unleash the Brawler within, a powerful fighter that uses strikes and grappling to overcome his foes. 
Image result for .comIt's time to take your group to the next level.
Unsolved Maze & Snakeheaded Folk by Yanhu GdR. Available from DriveThru RPG in PDF for $1.13. 10 pages.
The Unsolved Maze is a module for GM created for use with The Black Hack (you must have the latest version to play this adventure). The maze is detailed by maps, littered with traps and inhabited by new monsters, so you can organize a good hunt in an underground environment. You can choose how to play the adventure (a rush towards the goal or a more in-depth exploration) and it's easy to adjust the difficulty to your party level. So you are ready to meet the Snakeheaded folk and try to discover what are they doing in their new labyrintic lair.

Image result for carl friedrich lessing kunstdruck: schlucht mit ruinen e.k.
The Keep of the Broken Saint by WR Beatty. Published by Rosethrone Publishing. Available from DriveThru RPG in PDF for $3.99. 40 pages.
Only vague rumors speak of the ancient Keep of the Broken Saint. Divination fails to reveal anything useful, prayers and powerful magics continue to falter. Yet the rumors insist the place is real and that the Broken Saint has the keys to immortality. Even if the shadows of rumors that make their rounds are not true, surely a ruin that has been lost for generations holds secrets and treasures. 
An adventure set in the Rosewood Highlands (east of the Northern Tier) for characters levels 8-10. Written for the Swords and Wizards in the Highlands variant, The Keep of the Broken Saint is fully compatible with virtually all old school rulesets.
The Almost Thief- A Swords & Wizardry Mini-Dungeon by Matt Kline. Published by Creation's Edge Games. Available from DriveThru RPG in PDF for $1.50. 14 pages.
The Almost Thief- A Swords & Wizardry Mini-DungeonA Swords & Wizardry Mini-Dungeon
For 4-6 Adventurers of Levels 1-3

A thief in training tried robbing a crypt and failed miserably, to the extent that he’s no 
longer alive. Now he’s dying for another crack at it. Unfortunately, being dead already, he’s encountering a bit of difficulty…

The Almost Thief is part of a series of mini-dungeons designed to drop into existing adventures or campaigns. Use them as side quests or a way of getting in a quick adventure when you’re short on time.

Mini-Dungeon Module S1: The Almost Thief is compatible with the Swords & Wizardry rules available for download through this site.
Free RPG Day - 2018/Deluxe T&T Minirules by Kenneth St Andre, Steve Crompton. Published by Flying Buffalo. Available from DriveThru RPG in PDF for $0.99. 28 pages.
Image result for t&t adventures japanT&T Japan Mini Rules & Solo
From the pages of T&T Adventures magazine in Japan, and translated into English with original Japanese illustrations. FRPG Manga, and a special set of T&T mini-rules written by Ken St Andre. The 16 page mini rules include details on rolling up a character, equipping them, 11 basic spells, pre-rolled characters and a Treasure Generator.
The Solitaire adventure, Coming Down the Mountain was especially written for this booklet and is available no where else. all are included to make this a perfect book to introduce RPG to beginners, or fans of Japanese RPG. This booklet was originally distributed on Free RPG day in 2018.
Galactic Guide One: Rotgut Station ed. by Mark Dowson, Tom Grennel, Josh Moore. Available from the Rancor Pit in PDF for Free. 186 pages.
Sequestered in a small area of the outer rim it lies. Once a mining facility its hollowed out interior now serves as a waystation for all sorts of vile scum and weary traveler. A main platform dominates the space and is surrounded by walls teeming with commercial, residential, agricultural, and altogether dark and mysterious purposes.

Visit the Blue Waffle Bar & Lounge, place a bet on the droid taxi races, pay tribute to the mysterious Mongdollian Monks, gain an audience with Endo Fash the Hutt crimelord, or enjoy some Wangs Tacos.

Just keep your blaster ready!
Tomb of the Frost-Walker by Nickolas Zachary Brown. Published by Five Cataclysms. Available from DriveThru RPG in PDF for $2.00. 11 pages.
Tomb of the Frost-WalkerThere is but one mountain in these lands for which the frost never abates. Even in the height of Summer, when crops wilt in the heat, this peak continue to emanate a chill wind. There is a cave in the mountain, its crystalline walls and floors white with frost, with corpses of long dead things encased in the ice. Legend has it that a terrible evil is sealed there, an evil that would encase the world in ice. Where he walks, the frost follows. 
This dungeon is ideal as a second or third adventure for a group which has gained a few levels and is looking for more. However, if the big bad is released and is given time to gather his power, he may become a terrible world-changing force. 
Includes 16 content-packed rooms with plentiful treasure & encounters, and may leave your characters changed forever. Could be completed in a 10hr session by a determined and skillful group.
Cepheus Light by Omer Golan-Joel, Josh Peters. Published by Stellagama Publishing. Available from DriveThru RPG in PDF for PWYW. 164 pages.
Image result for planet ross 128 bStarships riding fire across the sky. Heroes and villains exchanging laser fire. Desperate spacers struggling against an alien monstrosity. Vast alien vistas, flying cities, moonscapes, mad robots, and first encounters. In short: high-action science-fiction adventure that stimulates your sense of wonder. Cepheus Light puts you in the shoes of an adventurer visiting distant stars and encountering untold alien wonders. Whether you are a seasoned player looking for a rules-light game, or a new gamer wanting to experience what science-fiction role-playing games are all about, Cepheus Light opens your way forward. 
Cepheus Light is a set of rules for playing classic science fiction games. It includes rules on creating characters, resolving actions, fighting other creatures, and engaging in space battles, generating worlds, handling the risks of interstellar speculative trading, exploring new worlds, and many other activities. While rules-light and designed for fast, action-packed play rather than an accurate simulation of reality, Cepheus Light encompasses a wide variety of rules and materials for building a science-fiction universe and playing in it. 
Cepheus Light draws its inspiration from old-school science-fiction roleplaying games. It shares a lot of similarities with these games. Material from older rules sets and those created with Cepheus Light, the Cepheus Engine Core, and old-school sci-fi roleplaying games are easily compatible with only a moderate amount of adjustment.
PALADIN: Warriors of Charlemagne by Ruben in 't Groen. Published by Nocturnal Media. Available from DriveThru RPG in PDF for $19.99 and from Chaosium in PDF for $19.99 (Chaosium has a coupon for PDF purchasers, which will offer a discount on the printed version when it becomes available.) 463 pages.
Paladin - Core Rulebook - Front Cover
Enter Medieval Europe Like You've Never Experienced It Before! 
Set in medieval Europe, PALADIN weaves together the historical Carolingian events and the medieval epics of The Matter of France into a single chronology! 
In PALADIN the players play young Frankish squires or knights in the service of one of Charlemagne's powerful vassals. By going on adventures, the characters will acquire glory and riches, becoming lords of their own lands, building castles, and founding their own family.

Hopefully, the road to fame will lead to the ultimate goal: becoming one of the legendary paladins themselves!
PALADIN is a game for knights. It is based on the standards of knighthood found in the original literature about Charlemagne and the paladins (epics such as Song of Roland, Ogier the Dane, Aymon's Four Sons and more).

PALADIN uses a modified version of the King Arthur Pendragon ruleset, adjusted to fit the themes and elements of Charlemagne's legends.

This is a complete rulebook.
PALADIN Adventures by Jaime García Mendoza, Matthew Ryan, Colin Driver. Published by Nocturnal Media. Available from DriveThru RPG in PDF for $19.99 and from Chaosium in PDF for $19.99. (Chaosium has a coupon for PDF purchasers, which will offer a discount on the printed version when it becomes available.) 121 pages. 
Paladin Adventures - Front Cover
Hail Brave Knights! 
Within this tome, you will find eight adventures for knights in your epic PALADIN chronicles to undertake. Drawn from the myths of medieval France, these scenarioes are designed to be interspered into the epic tale of Charlemagne, but work equally well on their own! 
Replete with stunning maps, beautiful illustrations, and reference text designed to aid the Game Master, PALADIN Adventures will provide game sessions that are epic enough to rival the tales of the heroes of yore! 
This book does require the PALADIN corebook to use.

New Editions and Re-Releases

XQ1 The Castle that Fell from the Sky by Steve Robertson. Published by The Scribes of Sparn. Now Available from DriveThru RPG in PDF for $5.75. 52 pages. See last week's News for info on the Print and PDF from Lulu. 
Image result for The Castle that Fell from the SkyEven in the far gulfs of space, the struggle of Law against Chaos, Good versus Evil is eternal. But wherever evil is not extinguished, it will revive to exact vengeance on those who would keep it at bay... 
...On the fringes of the realm, where civilization wanes and adventures begin, rumors are whispered of a castle that fell from the sky. Some say it has poisoned the land where it fell and nought but death can be within its walls. Some say creatures, foul and dangerous, have gathered at the dark fortress. But others, the treasure seekers and thieves who haunt the local taverns, scoff at such dire warnings and view them only as a thin ploy to keep adventurers from winning the vast treasure that surely waits within. To your ears have come these very rumors— and more: you have learned the location of the fallen sky-castle! 
An adventure module for characters level 3-5. Compatible with 0e, 1e, B/X, Original, Classic, and Advanced fantasy wargame systems and retroclones.
RPGA NEWS Volume 1 #1 from Wizards of the Coast. Available from DriveThru RPG in PDF for $0.99. 16 pages.
RPGA NEWS Volume 1 #1Included in this issue: 
  • SPECIAL: Interview with E. Gary Gygax
  • Part 1 of this interview, and the beginning of a series
  • The Fastest Guns That Never Lived
  • A BOOT HILLTM Article by Brian Blume et al
  • A synopsis by Mike Carr
  • An Open Letter ...
  • TOP SECRETTM notes from Merle Rasmussen
  • Gen Con® South Report
  • GAMMA WORLDTM Science Fantasy
  • Some ideas from Jim Ward
  • Dispel Confusion
  • AD&DTM Q&A by The Game Wizards
  • Notes For the Dungeon Master
  • Fantasy role playing ideas
  • ROCKSNOZ in the Land of Nidd
  • A fantasy campaign cartoon from Tom Wham
Polyhedron Newszine Introductory Issue from Wizards of the Coast. Available from DriveThru RPG in PDF for $0.99. 32 pages.
Polyhedron Newszine Introductory Issue
Included in this issue: 
  • Getting Together: How to Form a Gaming Club by Jeri McGraw and Greg Schwartz
  • Special Module Feature: Ghost Righters - by Jean Rabe
  • Gallant Heroes Opposing Supernatural Threats-G.H.O.S.T., Inc . is hired by a mysterious client to tackle a haunted castle in this AD&D® game scenario for six player characters.
  • Heroes and Vlllains - by Vince Garcia
  • Adding carefully developed heroes and villains to any role playing game campaign will add fun for the game master and players.
  • The New Rogues Gallery - by Skip Wllllams, Valerie Valusek, Bruce Rabe, Tracy Reed, and Jean Rabe
  • "Sir" Orville and Company is an adventuring group that has crossed the continent and crossed paths with a terrible foe.
  • 28 The Living City's Quill and Scribe Shop - by Fran Hart
  • Hoaten Thee, a scribe with unmatched talent, will translate almost any document.
  • 31 Ravens Bluff Rumors - by Matt Denzler
  • Traveling by sea to The Living City can be dangerous.
  • With Great Power - by Wllllam Tracy
  • Our columnist offers suggestions for creating your own superheroes.

Misc. Free Stuff

Some Slightly Less Shit random tables from MonkeyBlood Design - Armor, Weapons, Containers

Konsumterra of Elfmaids & Octopi has so many cool things on his blog that if you aren't already following it, you really should be. Fantasy Conspiracies.

Gregorius21778 brings you Pilgrimage of Hunger available in PDF. 16 pages. (Direct Link.)

Reviews from Around the Web

The Alexandrian Reviews Waterdeep: Dragon Heist.

Pookie from Reviews from R'lyeh takes a look at Hive of the Overmind.

Endzeitgeist reviews Death Love Doom.

Bryce from reviews The Beasts of Kraggoth Manor.

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Unless otherwise noted, all links to products and files are to the individual authors sites, pertinent posts, or sales pages. I don’t link directly to files unless that is the only link available.

I have received no remuneration from any publisher for reporting on their releases, nor is such a requirement for a product to be included in these posts. At times, an author or publisher may send me a complimentary copy of an item, for purposes of review. This is not a requirement for a product's inclusion in these posts. Some of the links, such as to One Bookshelf sites, are affiliate links and may provide some compensation from the retail site.

Please feel free to send me information on any new releases, events, or other items of interest, which you would like to see mentioned.