Sunday, October 14, 2018

Another Tidbit from my Greyhawk Campaign

I posted this on G+ some time ago and wanted to make sure I didn't lose it, since G+ is shutting down. This took place close to a year ago, I think. Brisco's PC was probably around 9th level at the time.

So, my son's Evil Magic User discovered and sneaked his way into the small, hidden dungeon beneath a temple dedicated to an obscure Spider God, located on the Wild Coast. Long forgotten by the priests above, the secret sanctuary below had once been the domain of the sorcery wielding masters of the cult.

After dispatching the guardians hidden therein, he discovered what he thought he was looking for. A sealed, silver door, glowing fiercely with red sigils of protection and binding. Flashes of flame, occasionally erupting from the lines of power traced into the metal.

A radically dismembered mage, the forgotten leader of the cultists, begged for help in achieving a long awaited death as flames licked at the many separate parts of his gore covered mortal coil. With tortuous gasps and whispers, the damned creature told him what lay beyond the door. And that the Bindings had been weakened by their prisoner's decades long attempts to win free, though the efforts exerted were still too paltry, thanks to the inhibition of her powers.

Still, my son's MU was fairly certain that the dark magic he sought was within the sealed room. One of the lost Doctrines of Darkness.

Leaving the cursed mage to whimper in agony, he went back to the fiercely heated door to attempt to dispel the wards.

"Allright. After your conversation with the dismembered mage, you can definitely see where the wards have been strained and made threadbare in places. I'm giving you a 50% chance to finish unraveling them with a Dispel Magic."

"Can I try again if I don't make it?"

"Sure. Next time you level up."


He rolls some ridiculously low number and grins in triumph!

"The door cracks and shatters as the wards disintegrate and stepping out of the doorway, surrounded by smoke and flame..."