Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Template Woes, That Map in the Background and The Incomparable Dejah Thoris

Minor Irritants

I received several complements on the look of the new site. Alas, there was a problem. The Simple Template seems to have a bug and my Follower Widget kept freaking out. You guys were disappearing on a regular basis.

After researching, tinkering, hacking my HTML, etc., I switched the Template to Awesome, which seems to have fixed the problem.

Edit: NOPE. It's freaking out again!

The Black Mete

The map in the background is a low-res version of this one:

Click for an Expandable PNG

Available in PDF, from my widget on the right. I need to start map-making again. I still intend to make a color set of map Icons. And there's always the fight to improve my non-icon mountain-making skills, in GIMP.

Because You Demanded It!

More Dejah Thoris: