Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Template Woes, That Map in the Background and The Incomparable Dejah Thoris

Minor Irritants

I received several complements on the look of the new site. Alas, there was a problem. The Simple Template seems to have a bug and my Follower Widget kept freaking out. You guys were disappearing on a regular basis.

After researching, tinkering, hacking my HTML, etc., I switched the Template to Awesome, which seems to have fixed the problem.

Edit: NOPE. It's freaking out again!

The Black Mete

The map in the background is a low-res version of this one:

Click for an Expandable PNG

Available in PDF, from my widget on the right. I need to start map-making again. I still intend to make a color set of map Icons. And there's always the fight to improve my non-icon mountain-making skills, in GIMP.

Because You Demanded It!

More Dejah Thoris:


  1. You do know that the Follower widget is going to break permanently, right? Google is killing Friend Connect.

  2. @ Tim - Yes!

    @Matthew- Probably why they haven't bothered to fix the problem. :)

  3. Count another vote for the Incomparable One!

    The new site doth indeed rock. What do you use for your computer mapping? BTW, I'm just up the road in Huntsville. I spent many an alcohol-soaked weekend of D&D in Homewood in my misspent youth. Well, actually I wasn't so youthful, but most of my life is misspent, so . . .

    Are you on Facebook?

  4. Hi David! No, not on Facebook. I was tricked along with everyone else into doing Google+. :)

    I use GIMP for mapping. I was using the icons from Inkwell Ideas for hexmaps, but decided to make my own. The map in this post (and background wallpaper) uses the first set of icons I've made. Next, a color set!

  5. aaaawwwwww... the lady haz a kitteh!

  6. I'm always down for more Dejah Thoris...

  7. Welcome to the new digs.

    I've seen the same problem on the followers widget. It always ends up correcting itself. But yeah, supposedly Google is getting rid of Friend Connect; I think they want to replace it with something tied to Google Plus.

  8. The Map is annoying. Of those settlement sites only have the Tower and Camp in my D&D map Symbol Library.