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The OSR News: March 9, 2019

Courtney Campbell has a new adventure in print, Yami Bakura makes an epic Evil post and White Box gets the Eastern treatment. There's a new issue of Threshold and another piece of the Black Maw megadungeon drops. All this and more in this week's OSR News!

New Releases

Eyrie of the Dread Eye by Courtney Campbell. Published by Autarch. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for $4.99. 56 pages.
The Premium Color Softcover coming soon! When it's released everyone who bought the PDF will receive a coupon code to discount the cost of the Premium Softcover. Thereafter the PDF will be free with the Premium Softcover.
From the imagination of Courtney Campbell, creater of the popular OSR blog Hack & Slash, comes a terrifying new adventure for characters level 6 to 8.

The Eye Is Opening.

Thousands of years ago, living gods named Khepri wielded powers beyond understanding. Their bizarre magics rived a rent in reality itself. This portal—the Oculus—led to the deepest realms of Chthonic Darkness, but it was not yet fully open. Malign forces, opposed to all life, infested the Oculus, and waited. The Khepri kept vigil over the Oculus till time moved her hand. When the Khepri vanished in the Day Without Night, their Elven epigones took up the watch. In time, the Elves were conquered by the diabolic Thrassian race, and they in turn were subjugated by the Zaharans. Through the millennia, the caretakers of the Oculus studied, waited, and watched.

Now the Awakening is near, the Spheres are coming into alignment, and the Oculus is beginning to open. The dark power is reaching out and for the first time in an age the Eyrie of the Dread Eye is accessible again. As the Eye opens, reality itself comes under further and further strain. And as rumors of a new valley containing an underground forgotten city filled with untold riches spread out from the Dark Wall, the Oculus continues to open ever wider.

Eyrie of the Dread Eye is a ready-to-play adventure scenario presented for use with the Adventurer Conqueror King System™ (ACKS) and other d20-based fantasy role-playing games. Discover the vast ruined eyrie of the Oculus and take a stand against the coming Awakening.

High-resolution printable maps are included in a separate .zip file. You can use these maps for Roll20 or similar platforms, or print them out for your table.
ImageThreshold Issue #22 Adventures and Campaigns. Available from the Publisher in PDF for Free. 186 pages.
Index of the issue:
  • A Mystara glossary
  • Icons for Mystara, Adapting the 13th Age Icon Relationships to Mystara campaigns
  • "So, You All Meet in a Tavern….”, Making the
  • most of those rumor tables
  • Campaigning in Karameikos. A guide to connect and use all the published canon adventures and several fan ones!
  • Thoughts About Civil War, a guideline to Mystara Almanac 1020 AC
  • Threshold Black Market, a secret location of the Thieves Guild.
  • Adapting Classic AD&D Modules to a Mystara Campaign, from the Northern Reaches to Wallara.
  • Escape from Hule, a sequel to X4 and X5.
  • The Egg Be Dammed! An adventure in Returned Blackmoor.
  • Deep Cover, A rather unusual cloak-and-dagger scenario
  • for 6 players in Corunglain.
Elegant Fantasy Dungeon Generator by Raphael Sadowski. Published by Nine Tongues Tales. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for $2.50. 21 pages.
Dungeons. Skeletons of majority of OSR games.

Having a prepared dungeon is everything you need to run at least one game. Having a GOOD, detailed dungeon, filled with treasures, strange creatures and wandering monsters can suffice to keep your group entertained for weeks.

As always with my "Elegant Fantasy" series, you roll for inspiration, not stats. If we’re both lucky, then this book will inspire you, and help you create a fun adventure for your players, one that they will remember for a long time.

Have fun,
CASTLE OLDSKULL - Oldskull Anti-Paladins by Kent David Kelly. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for $2.99. 54 pages.
Beyond mortal comprehension,

Beyond redemption,

Some insidious fiends

Just want to watch the world burn …

Ofttimes controversial, always vexing, but never boring, the ANTI-PALADIN is a specialized chaotic evil fighter sub-class which represents an irrepressible remnant order of the unholy black knights of yore. Whereas paladins represent ultimate light and the might of purity, anti-paladins are the harbingers of abyssal darkness, despair, and overpowering evil.

Anti-paladins were introduced to the game in 1980 and were even briefly made official by accident (via the 1981 fiendish bestiary) before being relegated to oblivion. They only ever returned in a sanitized form as the diluted “Blackguard.” But for those who want to include and glorify the original iconic class as first presented in a Draconian magazine almost 30 years ago, this supplement — likely the most detailed treatment of anti-paladins ever created — should be received with delectation.

The class has been reimagined and fully expanded upon within the context of the World of Oldskull campaign (as featured in the Oldskull Adventure Generator and other tomes), with elaborations pertaining to demonic worship, the enigmatic Knights of Saigoth, and the Great Old Ones who represent the Cthulhu Mythos. Systems featured in this old school gaming supplement include: a history and literary justification of the class (using Lord Mordred as a primary exemplar, among others), an overview of the Arthurian Knights Perilous, demonic empowerment and vigil systems, level titles, weaknesses, powers, spell casting rules, and ruling clarifications (based for example on a contemplated inversion of official Sagely paladin rulings made throughout the years).

Lacking in lechery or gore yet replete with sinister gothic atmosphere, the reimagined Oldskull Anti-Paladin is a perfect villainous archetype rendered for your enjoyment as a Non-Player Character, or even as a PC option pending Game Master approval.

However you decide to play them, I can assure you that your players will never forget these terrible nemeses. Why not give your most skilled and daring players a challenge, and a nefarious villain they’ll love to hate?

Another fine gaming supplement from Kent David Kelly and Wonderland Imprints, Only the Finest Works of Fantasy.
Grim & Perilous Chases - Supplement for #ZweihanderRPG by Peter Rudin-Burgess, Jnov36, Sean Van Damme, Adrian Kennelly. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for $3.00. 17 pages.
This book as created by the ‘Grim & Perilous Librarians’. As the first collaborative project this book contains ideas, adventures and chase scenes by four different authors.

The chases in this book range from simple ideas and suggestions to full adventures. What we are striving for is ‘Something for everyone’.

This is also the first of many collaborative supplements.
Parasitic Magician #3 by Stephen Karnes. Published by Rocks and Roots. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for PWYW. 14 pages.
Issue 3 of my series of tables to generate material for science-fantasy / cyberpunk settings. This issue is focused on elements found in a city and includes 29 tables of varies lengths.
Black Maw 3ab - Ruins & Empire by Craig Pike. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for $2.00. 6 pages.
Built on the site where dawns light first touched the world, and occupied time and again by civilizations both acient and recent. Any number of stories are trye, from dwarves to elves to mages to empires to private manor; all have been true at one point or another back to the literal dawn of time. But none survive for long, and wanderers keep coming to see what others have left behind. All pass through the Black Maw.
Deeper into the Black Maw you journey. Past the ghouls the Reptilians take repose in ruins of glory while the tiny ants toil and labour ... amid GOLD!

The sublevels of level 3 of the Black Maw megadungeon, for character levels 3. A classic dungeon, with the preview showing you exactly what you get!

Thanks for your support!
White Box: Eastern Adventures by Mark Tasaka. Published by Tasaka Games. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for Free. 126 pages. (Print edition forthcoming.)
Welcome to the days of old… to a time when adventurers were ordinary people, who took up this dangerous calling to accumulate hordes of treasure from monster filled dungeons. But be warned, adventuring is truly a dangerous profession here; dungeons are filled with deadly traps and even deadlier monsters. Most adventurers will perish on their first few adventures; those that survive have learnt the importance of knowing when to fight, when to run and when to rely on hirelings to get the job done. Take a step forward, if you dare, and enter a world of exotic dragons, talking cats and hungry ghosts with unending appetites… take a step forward and enter the world of ‘White Box: Eastern Adventures.’
‘White Box: Eastern Adventures’ is based on the simple and creative game play mechanics of the first incarnation of the ‘World’s Most Famous Role-Playing Game’. This game is set in a world inspired by Japanese mythology and folklore; a setting where social status and prestige are just as important as treasure and gold. Thus, the goal of adventuring is more than accumulating wealth; it is also about gaining merit and honour in a status conscious society.
Random Encounters Map Collection Vol 2, Issue 2 (Feb 2019) High-Res - REMC007 by Justin David Russell. Published by Epic Werkes Studio. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for $10.00. Low-res version Avail. for PWYW. 64 pages.
Want help finding inspiration for your next adventure? Are you a busy GM looking for a quick map? Do you want unique locations to spice up your random encounter tables? Then you’ve come to the right place! Random Encounters provides creative solutions for gamers. It specifically caters to the Old School Renaissance, but the maps, hooks, and descriptions found in this book can be used for any fantasy role playing system.

Please enjoy this offering. Have fun and, as always, GAME ON!
Vintage Space Playtest Document by Jacob DC Ross. Published by Thunderegg Productions. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for PWYW. 39 pages.
Do you yearn for the days of optimistic, action-packed but thoughtful sci-fi? Vintage Space is a new OSR space opera game currently in dvelopment. This is the first PDF release of the game, though we've been gettin a LOT of feedback from the community.

With Vintage Space you play a member of the Interstellar Alliance's Space Corps. In just a couple minutes you can have a character made up Here's what you do:

-Pick a species from six familiar sci-fi tropes

-Roll your seven stats

-Choose which branch of the service you want to join and record your Space Corps Academy skills

It's really that easy. Thre are no feats to consider, no advancement trees, nothing.

Making yoru own starship is even easier!

Individual combat plays out on a standard hex map, but space combat uses an abstract, theater of the mind style. Instead of trackign acceleration, energy use and so on, each character decdes what they want to do to help and rolls to succeed. That's it.

The setting of Vintage Space is familiar to anyone who is a fan of live action science fiction produced from the 60s to the 90s.

This is a free playtest, but we appreciate tips. This goes towards helping us get the game ready for production. There are big things ahead for Vintage Space. Based on a flood of positive feeback and the enthusiasm of a growing community, we're going to Kickstart the game in a few months, with some very cool products on the way.
Men and Monsters Book 1: The Unseen (for The Front) by Robert Garitta. Published by Surreal Estate Games. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for $0.80. 15 pages.
What you don't know can hurt you.
Introduce the paranormal to your World War Two gaming. Men and Monsters Book 1: The Unseen deals with invisible and shadowy threats and allies for the Greatest Generation. The Axis are already unleashing the unnatural on the battlefields. Do the Allies dare to follow?
  • The Haunted -they're never really alone.
  • Horlas -invisible monsters that make you doubt your own mind.
  • Agent Unseen -what will give out first, the formula making you invisible or your mind?
  • Kilroy -Kilroy IS here.
Men and Monsters is designed for The Front (all rights Mark Hunt) but can be used with other OSR systems. You need The Front or a similar system (i.e. The Black Hack -all rights David Black) to play.
The Armiger: Avremier Character Supplement I by David A. Hill. Published by Mothshade Concepts. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for PWYW. 19 pages.
Just the Armiger.

In this first new supplement for the Avremier Campaign Setting, we compile and add to the rules and details given for the Armiger PC class from Supplement 0 (Avremier) and Supplement I (Dhavon). With new material, clarifying edits, and brand-new illustrations, this mini-supplement contains everything you need to create and run an Armiger PC.

The (forthcoming) second part of this supplement will detail the Armigerial Courts, and their place in the Avremier setting - for use by the Referee.
Of Men Who Are Monsters - Adventure for #ZweihanderRPG Published by Sad Fishe Games. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for PWYW. 12 pages.
This scenario is released as part of the upcoming A Dark and Salient Land Campaign, the early access rules to which are available on DrivethruRPG as a “pay what you want” product. This scenario and others will be released with that product upon its completion. This product does not require A Dark and Salient Land.
Requires ZWEIHÄNDER Grim & Perilous RPG from Grim & Perilous Studios, however.

Travel through the forests of the Zizka Valley is far from safe. Between the beasts of the wild, monsters of eldritch and corrupt evils, and numerous bandit lords and their troupes, there is much to fear. While a sufficiently sizable, armed, and vigilant party can expect to frighten away or stave off most dangers, this is not always the case. Most robbers and bandits will balk at the notion of anything near a fair fight and pick their prey accordingly. This is not so for Robber Baron Karl Duval.

Duval and his crew are known to target travelers, caravans, and brigades of essentially all sizes, from the poorest wayfaring peasant, to the most modest and well-guarded merchant, to even wagon trains carrying Imperial troops and supplies. Far from foolish and reckless, such attacks are quick, organized, and surgical in their tactics- never mind staggering in their ferociousness and shocking in their brutality.

Gaunt, cruel, serious, and a voyeuristic sadist, Duval now resides in a fortress somewhere in the wilds of the Valley. He must be put down.
Shadows on Starlight: White Stars - Black Ops by Walt Robillard. Published by HAZARD Studio. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for $3.99. 61 pages.
Shadows on Starlight: White Stars – Black Ops is a source book that brings the intrigue and mayhem of Dark Operations to your White Star game. Whether war weary systems agent or wily renegade working the fringe, this book has what you need to make Space Opera into Space Ops!
Inside you'll find:
  • Agent's section for players to craft their existing White Star favorite classes into shadow working agents.
  • New gear and vehicles to make the dark an asset rather than an obstacle.
  • Referee advice for keeping the shadow operations sinister
  • Rules for making your operator, advanced.
  • New NPC's, allies, and adversaries.
  • A mission generator that can have you playing in the shadows in moments!
Mine the shadows for your story. Bring the burn of a gun barrel to your White Star table. Buy Shadows on Starlight today!
Antioch Station by Joseph Mohr. Published by Old School Role Playing. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for PWYW. 21 pages.
A representative of the Harcana corporation offers to hire the travelers for a delicate mission. An orbital research station of theirs has gone silent. No communications have been received from them in over a month. He offers to hire the team to visit the station and report on what has taken place there. Bonuses are offered for bringing back research data and rescuing crew members of the station.
Stairs of the Immortal: Swords & Wizardry Edition by Jay Libby. Published by Dilly Green Bean Games. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for $9.50. 160 pages.
Welcome to the Kronosphere! A world of wonder and magic, where gods live and mortals fall! A place where life lessons carry for generations and the whispers of a dark god echo throughout time!
Stairs of the Immortal: Swords & Wizardry Edition offers advanced rules for character creation and leveling for Frog God Games’ Swords & Wizardry Role-Playing Game, along with information on the incredible world of the Kronosphere. No longer level up using just experience points! Now level up by completing story elements and advancing your character through true role-playing, not just hack and slash mass murder.

This book includes full character creation rules.

Full World Map

Weather patterns

Stats for all the Gods of the Kronosphere

The adventure ‘Quest for Kask’

The Dwarf Kingdom (with all the primary characters)

A collection of creatures and monsters that wander the Dwarf Kingdom.

This product requires: Swords & Wizardry Core rules, or Swords & Wizardry Continual Light
Off the Beaten Path: Mountain Excursions (Swords & Wizardry) by Thom Wilson. Published by ThrowiGames. Available from DriveThruRPG in Softcover/PDF Combo for $19.00, in Softcover for $15.00 and in PDF for $6.00. 32 pages.
Twenty-three single or double page mountain adventures to use as side quests or stand-alone adventures for your Fantasy RPG. There are over thirty pages of encounters found within a mountainous setting. As your player's characters travel through the wild, they will venture to snowy peaks, yeti caves, frozen tombs, deserted lodges, and wintry lakes (and more)! These adventures are a great way to add additional encounters during travel, or to handle an unexpected change in direction!
Gregorius21778: 50 Glitches & Drawbacks for Androids by Kai Pütz a.k.a Gregorius21778. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for $0.75. 5 pages.
Do you need a quirk for your next android PC, but have trouble coming up with something? Are you a GM looking ideas for drawbacks (minor and major) to assign to robotic characters? Is a post-apocalyptic future calling for some damage and/or signs of neglect in the still active artificial humans of the by-gone age? Or is some serious damage to an android PC calling from some semi-permanent malfunctions?
If you were able to answer at least one of the above with a “Yes”, consider my 50 Glitches and Drawbacks for Androids. It is system neutral, it has 50 ideas, it is cheap and spares you sitting down for up to an hour to come up with such stuff yourself.
In The Darkness of Space by Joseph Mohr. Published by Old School Role Playing. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for PWYW. 28 pages.
A Neoh 'Am Abassador is on a mission to meet with the Qlansie to form an alliance against the aggressions of the Olonsean Empire. An Olonsean Majoor offers to pay well for an assassination of this ambassador before such a meeting takes place. The only problem will have to take place aboard a luxury cruiser liner slowly traveling across the Sonora Sector of space.

This adventure is designed for use with Cepheus Engine and The Frontiers of Space.
Rolemaster Fanzine Issue 23 by Peter Rudin-Burgess. Published by PPM. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for $0.99. 24 pages.
Welcome to Issue 23 of the Rolemaster Fanzine.
This month I have been getting rather excited about adventures. As you will know I have taken it upon myself to create starting adventures for RMu. The new game system is due for release at some point in 2019 and the one thing that a role playing game needs is adventures.
I have more adventures detailed on the blog than I have published so far in the fanzine. It occured to me this week that if you forget the idea of producing 12 starting adventures to give GMs a broad choice of starting points but rather put them together in a structure we are already part way to building a bigger adventure.

I don’t want a linear railroad. What I am thinking is a starting point, the adventure in this issue, Revenge! At the other end the adventure will conclude with City of Forgotten Heroes and the penultimate step and then a final showdown.

Sandwiched between these bookends will be a number, as yet unknown adventures. The intention is that these unknown adventures will be party size and party level independent. They will also be position neutral so as GM you pick the ones you like and do them in the order that works well for your group.

Making them level independent also means that you don’t have to push your players through adventures they don’t really want to do to simply earn enough experience points.

So this is the plan. It is slightly different to what I had envisioned in January but this structure means that if I formally create City of Forgotten Heroes and the showdown. Then with just one of the in between adventures you have a viable Adventure Path even if it is rather short. Each month from that point on the path becomes both longer and more sophisticated.

So that is my new mission and it all starts with Revenge!
BLUEHACK by Michael Thomas. Available from Lulu in Softcover Print for $4.49. 24 pages.
BLUEHACK™ is a minimalist but traditional tabletop role-playing game, played with paper, pencils and dice – it uses the Holmes Basic edition of that Original 1970s Fantasy Roleplaying Game as an inspiration to give you that ’77 Holmes flavour in as few pages as possible.
The Dog That Would Not Bark by Jonathan Hicks. Published by Farsight Games. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for $1.00. 6 pages.
When a dog comes running to the players looking for attention, what dangers will they be led to?

The Dog That Would Not Bark is an OSR adventure for Swords & Wizardry White Box, although it can be easily adapted for most classic OSR systems. The adventure is designed for a party of four adventurers of any race and class, and can be inserted into your existing campaign quite easily, no matter what world you’re gaming in.

Designed for the Swords & Wizardry ruleset, but it can be easily adapted to most OSR systems.
Free Rain: An Introductory Module for Stars Without Number by Dominic Moore. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for $2.49. 9 pages.
This is an introductory module for 3-5 1st level characters using the Revised Edition of the Stars Without Number ruleset.The module is intended for two purposes: first, to bring a group of PCs together to start a campaign as well as provide them (if all goes well) with a ship, and second, to introduce the player and the GM to the mechanics of the Stars Without Number game.

To that end, this short introductory adventure features opportunites for skill checks, ground combat, hacking, starship navigation, spaceship combat, pursuit, and evasion. This will help players get a feel for the game. It also includes page referances and reminders to the GM.

It can also be played as a one-shot to “test the waters” of the SWN revised rules.

Re-Releases, New Editions, Now in Print, etc.

Fight On! Compiled Compilation II + 11Fight On! Compiled Compilation II + 11 by Ignatius Umlaut. Available from Lulu in Softcover for $24.99. 358 pages.
We're back, baby! Enjoy this new compilation of issues 9-11, jam-packed with old school goodness, while we get issue 15 up and running. No real new content here, but some people prefer this format, and making it available to the public lets us make sure we can still generate files for Lulu and get you that new cavern crawling cheddar you crave!
DSM1 Black Flames (2e) by Sam Witt. Published by WotC. Available from DriveThruRPG in Print/PDF Combo for $14.99, in Print for $12.99 and in PDF for $2.99. 122 pages.
A simple trip from Urik to Raam: What could be easier? But unexpected encounters and freakish sandstorms conspire to make this journey more dangerous than imagined. Lost and dying of thirst, your characters unwittingly involve themselves in a strange mission-the motivation behind which lies hidden.

On the adventurers' trail are enraged dragons, desert fiends, and a curse that threatens to drive them mad-or make them one of the walking dead. Their only hope is to enter the ancient ruins of Yaramuke, site of a great battle between sorcerer-kings of ages past.

Yaramuke?City of Black Waters. The very name curdles blood.

Designed for four to six characters of 3rd to 6th level, Black Flames is set in and around the remains of Yaramuke and the cities of Urik and Raam. Let your Dark Sun game characters experience new adventure among the ancient ruins of Yaramuke!
Polyhedron Newszine V6 #3 Issue 30 Published by WotC. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for $0.99. 32 pages.
Included in this issue:
  • Ravager - by Jeff Grubb. A bandit leader known only as "The Ravager" is reported to be immortal. Six player characters must find the secret of his power before his armies bring destruction to the desert kingdoms.
  • Nienna & Friends - by Christopher S. Jones. Our cover story is an other installment of "New Rogues Gallery." If you need a few interesting NPCs for your campaign, try this unique group.
  • In Search of a 12th-level Mage - by Roger E. Moore. A demographics study of the average AD&D® Game campaign world.
  • In Defense of the Lowly Fighter - by Brian Leikam. Have plain old fighters disappeared from your D&D®Game campaign? Here's one member 's suggestions for keeping the lighter a viable character choice.
  • Beware the New Golems - by Jeff Martin. If your players are tired of fighting the same old golems all the time, try the new ones presented here!
  • Littl Miss Sure Shot - by Preston Shah. Annie Oakley, a famous lady of the old west, is developed as an NPC for the BOOT HILL® Game.
  • The GAMMA WORLD® Game: New & Old - by James M. Ward. Previews of the upcoming revision from the author's notes.
Polyhedron Newszine V6 #4 Issue 31 Published by WotC. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for $0.99. 32 pages.
Included in this issue: 
  • Ravager (Part II) - by Jeff Grubb. A bandit leader known only as "The Ravager" brings ruin to the Border Kingdoms. Six player characters must destroy the source of his power and defeat him before he can complete his evil plans.
  • The Plebe Zone - by Steve Thearle. One volunteer mem ber relates his experiences at Network HQ prior to GEN CON® 19 Gam Fair.
  • The Big Con (and me) - by Skip Williams. The co-author of this years Masters tournament reveals the truth about pre-convention work at HQ.
  • Aliens in the Cryptic Alliances - by James M. Ward. The truth is revealed in this issue's cover story - aliens have infiltrated the power gro ups of the GAMMA WORLD® Came!
  • Unofficial New Druid Spells - by Jon Pickens and Skip Williams. The final installment of the "New Spells" series offers suggestions to round out the druid's spell selection.

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Matt Finch RPG Studio uploaded Swords of Jordoba (Original D&D actual play) 3-5-19.

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Bundle of Holding is doing Castle Oldskull!

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[Threshold] Issue 23 Campaigns and Adventures, Call for Contributors!

Kickstarters, Pre-Orders, etc.

Winter's Daughter published by Necrotic Gnome. Now available for Pre-Order from the Publisher in Print/PDF combo for €12,00. 24 pages (B/X) 36 pages (5e.)
Winter's Daughter—The New Dolmenwood Adventure
Deep in hoary old Dolmenwood, a long-forgotten burial mound looms behind a ring of standing stones where the sinister Drune congregate. Within the tomb lie the treasures and mortal remains of the knight Sir Chyde. Folklore knows him as a hero of the wars of mortal against fairy, in ancient times, when men and women finally wrested dominion of Dolmenwood from the frigid grasp of the cruel Cold Prince.
A tempting site for those who seek to unravel the secrets of the past (or just rob tombs). But those who intrude upon the quiet sanctity of the tomb may awaken forces long dormant. Sir Chyde was secretly betrothed to a fairy princess and daughter of the Cold Prince, and their souls have waited—beyond time and death—for the day when they may be reunited.

Can your band of heroes or ne'er-do-wells unravel the riddles of the tomb of the giant-slayer?

  • Suitable for characters of 1st to 3rd level.
  • 24 pages (old-school version) or 36 pages (5th edition version).
Deluxe Print Edition
We're primed to produce this adventure with a high-quality printer in Europe. Feast your eyes on these stats:

  • Digest-sized (A5) hardcover. (It will look great alongside your LotFP books.)
  • Durable, sewn binding. (Press the pages flat. No really, it's safe!)
  • Lovely creamy-tinted paper. (Ooh, creamy.)
  • Maps and area summaries printed on the end papers of the book for super easy access. (You know, inside the cover.)

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