Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mother Abigail's Home for Orcish Orphans

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Thanks to the efforts of a local Cleric, Brother Headen Rektim, many members of the local Adventuring Community began to wonder if, just maybe, putting humanoid children to the sword, was the most upright way of handling the aftermath of those excursions, necessary for the protection of civilization. 

One of these adventurers, a witch by the name of Abigail, decided to start an orphanage in the country and set about taking in the little monsters. 

Mother Abigail's Home for Orcish Orphans has been in operation for 5 years. The 10 acre site features a 2-story, 30 room farm-house, livestock pens, crops and over 100 humanoid children. While many adventurers still rely on the tried and true method of simply slaughtering the nasty little creatures, more than a few dutifully haul the little bastards to Mother Abigail's, where she thankfully accepts them into her orphanage.

Where they are trained by Mother Abigail and her assistants, to serve as thieves, assassins and thugs!

However the PC party is alerted to the fact that something isn't quite right at Mother Abigail's, it should serve as a wonderful opportunity for the DM to incite some wholesale slaughter of Imaginary Little Creatures! Or, maybe precipitate an amusing TPK.