Sunday, November 25, 2012

In which I play OSRIC for 30 years

So. Gearing up for a new campaign. Definitely a 1e thing, but I think I'm going to run OSRIC again.

Partly because I anticipate again having players new to old school D&D and want them to be able to download a free copy of the rules.

Also, the last OSRIC campaign I ran made me realize something.

While many folks write about their early 1e experiences as being a mash-up of B/X & AD&D, this wasn't my experience at all. No one in my gaming group, or any of the groups I knew of, played B/X. Or, even owned the boxed sets. It was 1e all the way.

We played the game pretty much by the book. I've always used segments and casting times. Weapon damage vs. L opponents. MR based on the caster being 11th level.

We didn't use weapon vs. ac or weapon speed. I imagine that probably was due to the influence of elder gamers who had disappeared into the halls of Valhalla, long before I met my initial gaming buddies. Don't really know for sure

When I look back on it, aside from houeruled individual initiative and lifting limits on single-classed demi's, the game I've played for 30 years looks a hell of a lot like OSRIC!