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The OSR News: March 16, 2019

Courtney Campbell releases more stuff, Gregorius21778 continues to publish their ass off and Bloat Games goes Super Heroic. All this and more await you in this week's News!

New Releases

SURVIVE THIS!! Vigilante City - Core Rules. Published by Bloat Games. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for $9.99. 292 pages.
What is SURVIVE THIS!! Vigilante City?

From the creators of SURVIVE THIS!! Dark Places & Demogorgons comes SURVIVE THIS!! Vigilante City, a gritty, street-level, superhero game set in the near future.

Vigilante City is heavily inspired by Batman: The Animated Series. Along with the X-men, Spider-man and TMNT cartoons of the 1990s.

Vigilante City utilizes the familiar ruleset of the world’s most popular fantasy RPG, mixing the old-school with modern mechanics for the best possible gaming experience. With it’s modular system design, you can easily play to the exact style of super’s game you want!

SURVIVE THIS!! Vigilante City - Core Rules features ALL the rules to make a vigilante and play the game.

Complete Modular Independent rules for Humans, Mutant Animals, Borg Conversion and Power Armor, Magic, Mutant Abilities, Psionics, Speedsters and Super Soldier Drugs, that are designed to be added or removed easily to allow your game of Vigilante City to be tailored to the exact style of superhero game that you want to play! There is also, Background/Origins, Weapons, Equipment, Gadgets, Vehicle Upgrades, Vehicle Combat, Ranged & Melee Combat, Morale, Skills, Usage Die & so much more!

Vigilante City features both Human (no powers) and MegaHuman (powers) classes!
SURVIVE THIS!! Vigilante City - Villain's Guide. Published by Bloat Games. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for $9.99. 300 pages.
What is SURVIVE THIS!! Vigilante City?

From the creators of SURVIVE THIS!! Dark Places & Demogorgons comes SURVIVE THIS!! Vigilante City, a gritty, street-level, superhero game set in the near future.

Vigilante City is heavily inspired by Batman: The Animated Series. Along with the X-men, Spider-man and TMNT cartoons of the 1990s.

Vigilante City utilizes the familiar ruleset of the world’s most popular fantasy RPG, mixing the old-school with modern mechanics for the best possible gaming experience. With it’s modular system design, you can easily play to the exact style of super’s game you want!

SURVIVE THIS!! Vigilante City - Villain’s Guide is designed with Game Masters in mind. This book contains a detailed City Generator to allow the GM to build the exact city they want to base their game in. There’s also, GM advice to running the game, a HUGE selection of villain-based Adventure Seeds, Quick NPC and Villain Generation Tables, Mutant Island Adventure/optional setting and so much more!
Suddenly, Goblins! by Jonathan Hicks. Published by Farsight Games. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for PWYW. 7 pages.
Goblins! Goblins everywhere! When a castle is suddenly overrun by the small cackling mostrosoties the PCs have to discover how they got in and stop any more from causing trouble!

Suddenly, Goblins! is an OSR adventure for Swords & Wizardry White Box, although it can be easily adapted for most classic OSR systems. The adventure is designed for a party of any number of adventurers of any race, class and level and can be inserted into your existing campaign quite easily, no matter what world you’re gaming in.
Level Up a Book of Fantasy Gaming ListsLevel Up a Book of Fantasy Gaming Lists by Courtney Campbell. Available from Lulu in Print for $9.99, from Lulu in PDF for $6.99, from DriveThruRPG in PDF for $6.99 and from Amazon in Kindle for $6.99.
Do you feel a bit intimidated by Dungeons & Dragons?
Would you like to impress your gaming group and feel more confident when playing?
Then check out Level UP: the fantasy gaming book of lists, answering all of D&D's most pressing questions.
Why do wizards live in towers?
What are the biggest news stories in the history of Dungeons & Dragons(r)?
What don't you know about hit points? ⁣
What are all the different kinds of games?
Get to the deepest secrets of dungeons and dragons, feel confident, and impress your gaming group and Level UP today.
After World Issue #1 by Vor the Eyeless. Available from the author in PDF for free. 32 page direct
After World was written to be compatible with most iterations of the 1981 edition of the World’s Most Popular Role Playing Game, as well as its modern retroclones such as B/X Essentials, Labyrinth Lord, Swords & Wizardry and many others. Much of the content herein has been adapted from my homebrew post-apocalyptic RPG Ruinations.
Sapphal: Three Clusters World Book 02 by Paul Drye. Published by Baggage Books. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for $0.99. 29 pages.
Once, the Orion Arm was humanity's plaything, the Earth Alliance expanding by leaps across interstellar space. But as happens with all our species creates, it was destroyed through greed and lust for power and spite.

A thousand years on, space is still dark, but light sometimes flickers for a while in a little
 corner here or there. The dream of the Alliance dies hard, and over and over one world or another has tried to recreate a fraction of its glory, only to fail.
Sapphal is a former prison planet left to its own fate for centuries after the Earth Alliance fell. Now home to a world-spanning low tech empire, it's become an important trading destination and a lure for freebooters and other unsavory adventurers. Pack your laser rifle, put on your brown leather hat, and make your fortune if you can on a world where high-tech luxuries are few and far between. It can be used as part of the larger Three Clusters setting or as a "drop-in" for a GM who needs a detailed destination to use in another campaign.

The Three Clusters Campaign is a "classic-style" Hard Space Opera game setting, using the PWYW Cepheus Engine rules, for which Sapphal is the second world book. Not sure if you want to buy this product? The first world book, Wallwichen, is FREE and available for download on DriveThru RPG. Check it out and then decide.

The Three Clusters setting is also OPEN for use in other works, including commercial products. See details on the Sapphal book's copyright page.
Gregorius21778: The Pilgrimage of Hunger by Kai Pütz a.k.a Gregorius21778. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for PWYW. 17 pages.
Attention please! The preview shows you the whole of the product, so that you may read it first and then decide how much you want to give me for my effort. Thank you, and please remember: everything counts in large amounts.
The Pilgrimage of Hunger is a small cave system written for Veins of the Earth. The idea behind it is that it came into being in response to the hunger of the living, sentient minds and souls of the Veins. If it is the creation of cruel and dark gods, of a devil or demon, something from the Outer Dark or of some strange underworld godling of hunger that has devoured its own name is up to you as the GM. It is assumed that the existence and rites of the chapel are known to at least a few dwellers of the Veins in the wider area, and that those in the know make regular “pilgrimages” to the chapel (for the sake of survival).
Axes & Orcs Pocket-sized Compendium: Volume One: Non-Human and Monster Classes by Ian Woolley. Available from Lulu in Print for $6.00. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for $4.49. Available from in PDF for $1.50 or more. 20 pages.
This the A5 version of my first compendium for old-school style role-playing 
Email me and I'll send the corresponding PDF.


  • Halfling Druid
  • Moon-Rat Arqubusier & Machinist
  • Transforming Robot
  • Pegataur
  • Skeleton
  • Sky-Gnome
  • Sphinx
GS13: Secret of the Storm Giant King by RC Pinnell. Published by Dragonsfoot. Available from the publisher in PDF for Free. 16 pages.
The war with the lesser giants has waged for many years, and now hope is at hand with the discovery of information on the whereabouts of the artifact know as Giant's Bane. The war can be won, if you can persuade the goodly Storm Giants to part with it. An adventure for 4 to 8 characters of levels 12 to 15.
Wet Work: A Cepheus Engine Adventure by Joseph Mohr. Published by Old School Role Playing. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for PWYW. 17 pages.
A scout ship carrying an alien artifact crashed on a water planet. A Colonel from the Rysnian Confedration is willing to pay for it's return. But there are other interested parties. And a storm is brewing. Things might get messy.

Wet Work is an adventure designed for the Frontiers of Space.
Spontaneous Generation Monsters by Derek Holland, Skirmisher Game Development Group. Published by Skirmisher Publishing. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for $1.99. 16 pages.
Spontaneous generation, the idea that life can arise from non-living matter, is one of several obsolete biological concepts that can be used in fantasy games to provide a storyteller with more options for monster and setting design. This concept can include living creatures that, by modern definition, are not biological, such as those made of glass or metal.
There are at least three forms of spontaneous generation and these are all covered in this mini-sourcebook. Happenstance due to magical laws is the first and the most similar to the historical definition of spontaneous generation. Alchemy is the use of natural laws to create creatures through spontaneous generation by mortals. Divine intervention involves creation of monsters when circumstances fit the requirements dictated by a god.

“Spontaneous Generation Monsters” includes guidelines on how to create, use, and incorporate into games the title sorts of creatures; descriptions of the three distinct sorts of spontaneous generation; and 17 sample monsters, two of which include variants.

Material in this publication was written specifically for the "Basic" version of the OGL/d20 system and can be used as-is or easily adapted for other games using the same core rules. It was written by noted game developer Derek Holland and includes illustraions by artist Andy Hopp.
Brutal Imperilment in the Bag of Infinite Holding by Frank "Mottokrosh" Reding. Published by Mottokrosh Machinations. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for $3.99. 28 pages.
Spelunk into a wild network of interconnected and nested magical bags.

An adventure and toolkit for Hypertellurians and all fantasy roleplaying games.

The queen has lost the crown jewels and her beloved poodle Duchess down her magical bag of infinite holding. Many have tried to enter it and retrieve her majesty’s prized possessions. Will you be the ones to finally succeed?

This adventure is bags of fun, and can be adapted to play over one or several sessions, thanks to its toolkit approach. Inside you will find:

29 imaginative locations
7 pre-made characters to play or use as NPCs
50 thematically appropriate random finds of all shapes and sizes
Loads of art by Alysa Avery, Frank “Mottokrosh” Reding, and Luka Rejec
Quiver at these haverhandy sacks holding bags of marvels!
Delilah's Dubious Decoctions #ZweihanderRPG by Andy Garland. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for $2.99. 19 pages.
In a dusty, forgotten alchemy lab reeking of dried herbs, a young acolyte mulches kobold eyes and corpseblossom petals together, trying their best to recreate a long-forgotten formulae…
In the flickering light of a campfire, a Hexer prepares a series of draughts that will make them more than a match for the prowling pack of vampires stalking these forsaken woods…

And in the warrens deep beneath the city streets, the brightest Skrrzak minds work tirelessly to create and bottle debilitating vapours, another tool in their arsenal to use against the surface dwellers…

DELILAH’S DUBIOUS DECOCTIONS expands on the alchemical rules found in the MAIN GAUCHE supplement to offer over thirty new potions, decoctions and vapours to augment any adventurer's arsenal in your Grim and Perilous campaign. Hunt your prey in the witching hours with a dose of Nighthawk, explore the depths of the churning oceans with a draught of Diving Belle and debilitate fiendish spellcasters with a potent blast of Soulrot fumes. Also included for GMs is over 100 plants and minerals to add to your game, sorted by rarity and location.
Creature Feature Quarterly vol.1 (OSR Edition) by Jeremy Hart. Available from DriveThruRPG in electronic format for $4.50. 36 pages.
16 new monsters for your OSR game.
+ Extensive Fluff including Descriptions, Lore, Ecology and Adventure Seeds.

+ Paper Mini designs you can easily cut out and glue together to get on your table quick!

+ VTT tokens if you prefer to play your oldskool on Roll20, etc.

+ The PDF is formatted to be easily printed at home on A4 sheets as A5 facing pages. (DIY!)

+ I also included two covers for your further DIY pleasure. One black and one white.

The stat blocks after modeled after Swords and Wizardry but without Descending Armor Class. The terminology draws upon the gamut of DnD from 5e back to ADnD. As a result, knowledge of other editions will be helpful.
Gregorius21778: Names for Elves by Kai Pütz a.k.a Gregorius21778. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for $0.75. 4 pages.
Gregorius21778: Names for Elves includes two tables (99 entries each) for the creation of last names out of a themed two-word combination (Sungale, Fernstep, Fairdawn, Mistspear, Moonspeel, etc.), and two further tables with 50 male (Alaris, Cerun, Ulliad) and female (Illyda, Malyvon, Tana) first names each.
To create a last name, roll a d100 once on both tables (and re-roll any 100 that comes up).

To pick a random first name, roll a d100: if the result is between 1-50, pick the according name in the table. Is it 51+, subtract 50 from the result and pick the according name in the table.

A printer-friendly black/white version of the document is part of the download as well.
Adventure Framework 52: A Creeping Tide by Stephen J Grodzicki. Published by Pickpocket Press. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for $2.50. 15 pages.
Danger: Moderate.

Pages: 12 (exc cover & credits).

Map: Yes

"Saxford you say? Yea I know it. Small outpost on the far side o’ Lake Argos. Sure you want to go there, stranger? Lot o’ death in Saxford, I hear. Nay, not by beastmen nor barbarian… Saxfords’ are taking their own lives. Why? Har! Might as well ask why the sun sets at dusk, eh? Wodon knows, wanderer. Wodon knows."

In this adventure, Saxford’s outlanders (exposed to the Black Spire’s subtle taint for years) engage in increasingly bizarre, hivemind like behaviour, as they unwittingly summon a tsunami that will claim the outpost, and everyone in it.

Every Adventure Framework is set in a generic medieval or ancient fantasy location, with enough meat to enable the GM to improvise details (with minimal prep) and adapt to player choices. System wise, these adventures use the Low Fantasy Gaming RPG (an old school/modern mix d20 based game; free PDF), but are easily adapted to any d20 system.
Montserrat by Paul Ward. Published by Matakishi's Tea House. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for $7.79. 70 pages.
Montserrat continues on the starting adventures provided in Monkey Island, the first adventure module for The High Seas Hack. Montserrat is a sandbox setting that continues stories started in Monkey Island as well as presenting the players with several new adventure opportunities.
Montserrat's 70 pages contain over 20 adventure-hook rumours to entice the players, illustrated NPCs and 7 mapped and detailed towns along with a map and description of Porto Grande, the pirate stronghold of the dreaded Black Sanchez.

The High Seas Hack is a tabletop roleplaying game set in the golden age of piracy using a variation of The Black Hack rules. You will require a copy of The High Seas Hack to enjoy these adventures fully.

Re-Releases, New Editions, Now in Print, etc.

Tricks, Empty Rooms, and Basic Trap Design by Courtney Campbell. Published by Hack & Slash Publishing. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for PWYW. 30 pages.
The original Tricks, Empty Rooms, and Basic Trap Design document.
I1 Dwellers of the Forbidden City (1e) by David Cook. Published by WotC. Available from DriveThruRPG in Print/PDF combo for $11.99, in Print for $9.99 and in PDF for $4.99. 32 pages.
Somewhere in the heart of the steaming jungle lies the answer to the whispered tales - rumors of a magnificent city and foul, horrid rituals! Here a brave party might find riches and wonders - or death! Is your party brave enough to face the terrors of the unknown and find the Forbidden City!?
Parts of this adventure were used in 1980 for a major East Coast convention tournament. Information is presented here to reconstruct this exciting tournament and even more has been give to expand play. Here characters may adventure several times in a unique and interesting mini-campaign setting. Included in this module are background and tournament notes, referee's keys, new monsters, pre-generated characters, and eight different maps.

For characters levels 4 to 7.
Book of Artifacts (2e) by David Cook. Published by WotC. Available from DriveThruRPG in Print/PDF combo for $21.99, in Print for $19.99 and in PDF for $9.99. 160 pages.
Incredible magic for all campaigns! The Book of Artifacts will help every adventure reach new plateaus of mystery, danger, and epic excitement. Within these pages is the most complete collection of legendary and obscure artifacts ever assembled for the AD&D 2nd Edition game. Each enigmatic token or powerful relic has a detailed history, special powers that truly fit the theme of the item, and even tips on how to introduce - or remove - the artifact from a campaign.
New and valuable information is also included for characters who want to create magical items or recharge existing ones. Making that special magical sword or finding ingredients for that powerful potion can be the basis for whole adventures! Whether the characters find the Machine of Lum the Mad or the Jacinth of Inestimable Beauty, the Book of Artifacts packs enough adventure between its covers to be an invaluable addition to every AD&D game!
Walking the Way: A Mysticism Sourcebook [Swords & Wizardry] by James M. Spahn. Published by Barrel Rider Games. Available from Lulu in Print for $9.99. Still available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for $7.99. 64 pages.
Strange Gifts and Mystical Powers

Across A Galaxy of Endless Stars

Walking the Way: A Mysticism Sourcebook for White Star brings a plethora of new options to your OSR sci-fi campaign! As heroic Star Knights and exotic Alien Mystics fight against the agents of the Void and the evil Galactic Consortium, they find new options to add to their arsenal in the latest supplement for White Star: White Box Science Fiction Roleplaying and White Star: Galaxy Edition. Inside you'll find:
  • Four brand new classes! Elusive Althar meld both Meditations and Gifts, while Augumented Waybreakers meld cybernetic enhancement with the powerful Meditations.
  • New Gifts and Meditations to expand the power of your Mystic character classes!
  • Half a dozen paths for Alien Mystics to customize their journey towards enlightenment!
  • Complete rules for building and customizing the iconic weapon of the Star Knights: The Star Sword.
  • New gear, weapons, and armor!
  • New Advanced Technology, like the esoteric Spirit Stones!
  • New Monsters, from the adorable Gorp to the dangerous Void Serpent!
  • A completely new form of Mysticism: Technomancy!
Star Sword: The Official White Star Magazine (Issue #1)Expand your galaxy today with Walking the Way: A Mysticism Sourcebook.
Star Sword: The Official White Star Magazine (Issue #1) by James Spahn. Published by Barrel Rider Games. Available from Lulu in Print for $7.99. Still available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for $3.99. 42 pages.
In the first exciting issue of Star Sword: The Official White Star Magazine, you'll thrill to the adventures of the Cosmic Kestrel, explore the seedy spacer bar the Pickled Pulsar, discover the cosmic power of the Prime Human character class, and more! For use with the White Star Roleplaying Game and other OSR RPGs.
Journeys in TimeJourneys in Time by Mark Stout. Published by Stouthearted Games. Available from Lulu in Print for $5.00. Still available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for $1.99. 68 pages.
Journeys in Time is a tabletop roleplaying game based on The Black Hack, an old school system blended with modern rules into a fast-playing, rules-light system. Journeys in Time is a standalone game that lets you play the role of a time traveler. You can travel through time and space with a mysterious guide, be part of a team of troubleshooters that go back in time to prevent terrible disasters, hop through time to stop others from changing the past, or be police from the future chasing escaped criminals into the past.
The Tall WitchThe Tall Witch by Davide Pignedoli. Published by Daimon Games. Available from Lulu in Print for $5.00. Still available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for PWYW. 26 pages.
The Tall Witch is a short introductory adventure for the Crying Blades, or any OSR system.

It presents a classic adventure, with a mission assigned to the characters by the priest of a small village, and rumors of the coming awakening of the terrible Tall Witch.
Polyhedron Newszine V6 #5 Issue 32 Published by WotC. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for $0.99. 32 pages.
Included in this issue:
  • Operation: Butter Up - by Japji Singh Khalsa. Code-na med "Clambake," this TOP SECRET® Game adventure pits four agents against evildoers out to disrupt a European conference on terrorism, with potentially terminal results.
  • Tournament Coordination: Pain & Pleasure-by John Cereso. The trials and tribulations of coordinati ng an RPGATM Network AD&D® Game tournament at a major game convention.
  • The Kellar-An Optional Race for STAR TREK®: The Role-Playing Game - by Jon Leeke. Want to add a truly alien character to your galactic adventures? Take one of these unique aliens on your next interstellar voyage, but be sure the Kellar is on you r side.
Polyhedron Newszine V6 #6 Issue 33 Published by WotC. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for $0.99. 32 pages.
Included in this issue:
  • The Sword & the Anti-Hero - by Robert J Blake, Anita B Frank, and Rex Zinn. High adventure and intrigue in Mythical Finland. How will you fare as a pawn of the gods?
  • The New Rogues Gallery - by Andrew Ernstein. The Brenalette Family and Friends can add a bit of spice to any campaign.
  • Let's Clean Up Our Act - by Tim Tollefson. Some advice on how to get more enjoyment out of role-playing while depriving role-playing's detractors of their ammunition.
  • Expanding the Power of the Cube - by Daniel Bowers. Want to do some serious gaming, but don't have the nght dice? No sweat, here's how you can get any random number you need with just a D6.
One Page Dungeon Compendium 2010 Print Edition. Published by Shattered Pike Studio. Available from DriveThruRPG in Print for $10.00. 70 pages.
The Print Edition of the 2010 features 62 “one page dungeons” ranging from the Post-Apocalytpic wastelands and wilderness hex crawls to forlorn mines and crashed star ships.
Authors/ Creators

Michael Richards, Random Wizard, Adam Thornton, Antti Hulkkonen, Chris Gonzales, Clarabelle Chong, Corwin Riddle, Craig Brasco, Heron Prior, Herwin Wielink, Jimm Johnson, Jeff Lynk, Lord Kilgore, Paul Siegel, Peter A. Mullen, Rob Antonishen, Shane Mangus, Simon Bull, Stuart Robertson, Tim Shorts, Tom Holmes, Aaron Schneider, Andrew Durston, Brenton Haerr, Caleb Jensen, Chris Maler, Darcy Stratton, David Bedell, Dean Bemen, DeForest Piper, Dennis Carter, Eric C. Alderson, Fabien Deneuville, Gabriel P., Gottfried Neuner, Greg Hartman, James Carr, James D. Jarvis, Jens Thuresson, Jesse Rothacher, John Laviolette, Lee Barber, Maximilian Thieme, Michael Christensen, Michael Hutchinson, Michael K. Tumey, Michael Wiemholt, Moritz Mehlem, Mrrkyllothur, Onno Tasler, Patrice Crespy, Paul Fini, Philippe Tromeur, Redrobes, Rick Ray, Ron Parker, Samuel Dennler, Scott Morrison, Scott Wylie Roberts, Shawn harris, Sven Vogler, Tim Hartin, Tim Morgan, Todd Hughes, Tom Allman, and Tom Livak.
Avremier: Supplement 0 by David A. Hill. Published by Mothshade Concepts. Available from DriveThruRPG in Print/PDF Combo for $15.99, in Print for $11.99 and in PDF for $6.99. 84 pages.
Introducing a setting more than 30 years in the making.

Avremier is a world said to rest at the very center of Creation. Contested by gods and 
monsters of outer dimensions, this is the new home of a colonial human race. Established less than 500 years past, human civilization has yet to match the heights of the older races, but humanity does lead the way in the industry of adventuring. Whether you further the cause as a human adventurer, or make your mark as a dwarf, elf, halfling, or hobgoblin PC - Avremier is a setting for glory and renown.
This first "Supplement 0" for the Avremier old-school edition offers:
  • A new fighting PC class - the Armiger. Champions of Humanity.
  • Setting-specific details for running non-human PC races, including a hobgoblin player character race: the Yalkhoi.
  • The industry of the professional adventurer, including guidelines for gaining Renown as a hero of the realm.
  • 24 new Magic-User spells. 10 new Cleric spells. 6 new Druid spells.
  • Over 50 new and variant monsters, such as the Dungeon Dragon, Flutterpotamus, and Cauldron Golem.
  • More than 100 new magical weapons and items. Wield the bizarre chess-aspected Checkered Blade or baffle opponents with the mighty Wand of Dragon Bubbles.
  • The known, surviving deminities - diminished remnants of Humanity's old gods.
  • Details of the Avremier setting and environment. 
This homage to the first published fantasy RPG rules is the first of a five-volume set.
Troika! Numinous Edition by Daniel Sell. Published by Melsonian Arts Council. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for $14.27. 116 pages.
Troika! Numinous Edition is the new edition of our popular Troika! RPG, a complete science-fantasy RPG full of critically acclaimed writing, built-in wonder and room for everyone at the table to go wild!
Inside the book you will find:
  • A full automated character creation system that generates exciting starting points for players to build upon
  • Weighty lists of spells and enemies to encounter
  • A baked-in plane-hoping setting which draws you into the world and allows you space to build upon its sturdy foundations
  • Lavishly illustrated by Jeremy Duncan, Dirk Detweiler Leicthy, Sam Mameli, and ENnie award winning Andrew Walter
Book Details
  • Hyperlinked PDF: 116 pages
  • Publisher: Melsonian Arts Council (13 Mar.. 2019)
  • ISBN: 978-0-9957567-2-4

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