Friday, February 28, 2014

For 3 or More Adults, Ages 10 and Up

I'm still working on Cultic Greyhawk, but in the meantime, I'm about to start another campaign. My 10 year old son will be playing, so I wanted something a little less hardcore than what I'm envisioning for Greyhawk.

We rolled up PC's today and the three players have formed a party consisting of:

A 1st lvl Fighter.
A 1st lvl Thief.
And a 1st lvl Elf.

Heh. No Cleric.

My son's playing the Fighter and immediately decided he was Lawful. "I want to be a good guy!"

I decided to go with B/X. I've never ran it, but it should be perfect for introducing my son to the game. I almost went with S&W Whitebox, but I want his first campaign to be a TSR edition of Dungeons & Dragons.