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The OSR News: January 26, 2019

Gabor Lux returns with more Fomalhaut, the Cepheus Engine continues its campaign for OSR domination and there's a new release from D101. All this and more awaits in this week's News!

New Releases

Image of Echoes From Fomalhaut #04: Revenge of the FrogsEchoes From Fomalhaut #04: Revenge of the Frogs by Gabor Lux. Published by First Hungarian d20 Society. Available from the Publisher in Print/PDF combo for $8.00. (PDF forthcoming and will be available on DTRPG.) 40 pages.
 A 40-page fanzine featuring adventures and GM-friendly campaign materials for Advanced old-school RPG rules, with cover art by Matthew Ray, and illustrations by Denis McCarthy, Stefan Poag, and Andrew Walter. This issue contains...  
* The Technological Table: Destructive futuristic weapons and sinister technological artifacts from Fomalhaut’s fallen utopias and underworld realms.  
* Revenge of the Frogs: A wilderness adventure module for 3rd to 5th level PCs. Certain doom awaits the dying port town of Silvash, and its only chance of survival lies in the marshlands, a place of bizarre inhabitants, labyrinthine waterways, and lots and lots of… well, let’s not spoil it.  
* Arfel: City State of the Charnel God: Dominated by a great temple-complex that forms a vast necropolis, death looms over Arfel like a funereal shroud. Yet beyond the haunts of the veiled priests and the silent palaces of a reclusive aristocracy, the alleyways are busy both day and night, and adventure awaits those who would explore the city’s mysteries.
* Erillion, West: an article describing the western half of the Isle of Erillion, from lost places of pilgrimage to brooding manor houses, and lowly bandits’ nests to sites of high wizardry. 
* Also... a detailed fold-out players’ map of the City State of Arfel!
The Ubix #1 by Jon Davis. Published by Bano Books. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for PWYW. 13 pages.
Over windswept moors and dusty trails, The Ubix signals your path to adventure! This is an OSR zine of 4 RPG elements underscored by simple black and white artwork. Within these 13 pages you'll find gun-toting wanderers, murderous swamp cats, lock-picking talismans, and a spell that could save that severed limb, or create a reanimated nightmare! 
The Gunslinger 
The Boro Beast 
The Hand of Glory 
The Graft Spell.
Phantasmagoria #01 by Chance Phillips. Art by Jim Magnusson, Stefan Poag, Jeremy Hart, Penny Melgarejo, Luka Rejec. Published by Apollyon Press. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for $5.00. 38 pages.
Explore the ruins of lost alien civilizations or sail through space in a massive freighter, weighed down with all manners of gold, jewels, and relics. 
Play as a Jovian, a lithe yet strong alien native to a gas giant, a Captain, a brilliant tactician and duelist, or a Gremlin, an alien skilled with magic and technology. Build any type of ship from a tiny fighter to a massive dreadnaught, bristling with cannons. 
This issue of Phantasmagoria introduces five new classes, new pieces of equipment and 0-level occupations, and rules for creating custom spaceships.
This product is compatible with the Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game. 
Featuring interior artwork by Jim Magnusson, Stefan Poag, Jeremy Hart, and Penny Melgarejo, with cover artwork by Luka Rejec, layout by Glynn Seal, writing by Chance Phillips, and editing by Jarrett Crader.
Shadows over Stillwater - Front CoverShadows over Stillwater by Kevin Ross, C. L. Werner, Mike Mason. Published by Chaosium. Available from the Publisher in PDF for $17.99 and from DriveThruRPG in PDF for $17.99. 176 pages.

Print is forthcoming and per the publisher:
So you want to purchase the hardcover version, but really want to get your hands on Shadows over Stillwater - PDF so you don't have to wait. We have you covered! When you buy Shadows over Stillwater - PDF now, we will send you a discount coupon just before the physical book goes on sale that will offset the PDF purchase price once the hardcover version is available.
Against the Mythos in the Down Darker Trails Setting 
Shadows Over Stillwater is a collection of scenarios and locales for Down Darker Trails—the Wild West setting for Call of Cthulhu and Pulp Cthulhu. Contained within are further insights and challenges for those seeking bold adventure in the American Old West. 
Featured is a three-part campaign—The Shadow Over Stillwater—set in the mountains of the New Mexico Territory. A hunt for a fugitive murderer leads the investigators into a mystery involving odd townsfolk, strange lights in the sky, walking corpses, and the machinations of a once-powerful and ancient race seeking to reclaim their lost glory. 
The campaign is suitable for groups of any size, as the Keeper can easily scale the opposition to reflect the number of investigators. An apparently simple task, bringing a wanted man to justice, brings the investigators to a town suffering an epidemic of bizarre events, from crazed residents to the dead rising from their graves. 
Shadows Over Stillwater opens with a three-part campaign called The Shadow Over Stillwater:
Part 1: Lazarus, in Spades, the first scenario in the campaign, sends the investigators to Stillwater, New Mexico. Stillwater’s sheriff has alerted the authorities that a wanted man, Hank Hanratty, has been spotted in the town. The investigators are hired to the outlaw but, on arrival in Stillwater, they are faced with a situation that threatens to plunge them into chaos and death. 
Part 2: Trouble on Knife Cut Mesa immediately follows with the investigators heading to the mesa north of Stillwater to seek the source of recent strange events where a band of Mescalero Apache may aid or confuse their investigation. Tracing their quarry into mountains, the investigators come face to face with an ancient evil. 
Part 3: Shattered Earth, Poisoned Sky brings the campaign to a potentially explosive finale. Santa Rosita has been wracked with earthquakes—the residents fear that their town will soon be destroyed. The investigators’ efforts to uncover the secret behind the situation may be hampered by the growing paranoia among the townsfolk. The investigators must delve deeply to thwart a plan designed to remake the Earth. 
Following the campaign is another adventure, Beneath the Burning Sun, that can be played as a standalone adventure or as a continuation of The Shadow Over Stillwater. The investigators arrive in the town of Shade in Silverhole County, New Mexico where they become embroiled in a desperate bank robbery and join a posse to track down a gang of ferocious outlaws led by a crazed preacher. A bloody trail leads to an abandoned Spanish fort high in the Cebolletas where death awaits. 
A new locale for the Down Darker Trails setting follows: Stonegarden expands upon the Down Darker Trails setting. A booming mining town in Arizona, tucked away in the Coyote Mountains, this locale provides a new and fully realized town in which to base adventures. The history of the region, its locations, and people are detailed, as well as its secrets, threats, and Mythos connections. Whether venturing forth to unlock the riddles of Stone Garden Mesa or enjoying the hospitality of the Ralston family, this new campaign setting presents a community with one of the most violent reputations in the entire West. A place of danger, wild adventure, and dark secrets. 
Finally, The Devil’s Round-Up provides an extended adventure seed set in a location that may be familiar to long-time Call of Cthulhu fans. A roster of detailed characters, along with their foul agendas are described, ready to darken the day of any investigators who venture into doom-haunted Castronegro.

That’s plenty of adventure to keep your gaming group immersed in the horrors and terrors of the Old West.
According to your preferred style of play, Shadows Over Stillwater can be played using classic Call of Cthulhu, but can also be enjoyed with the Pulp Cthulhu supplement. This book requires the Call of Cthulhu Keeper’s Rulebook (7th edition) to play. Having access to the Down Darker Trails core setting book is highly recommended.
Empire of Time by Paul Drye. Published by Baggage Books. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for $4.99. 86 pages.
The 21st century has cracked open the past and future–not historical periods, true, but really deep time. Dinosaurs are a day trip away on a fast ship and your potential stomping grounds range over billions of years. Pit yourself against a future slave-running Empire, trade between human colonies, or just explore a nearly infinite progression of Earths that get ever-more alien as you get farther away from home. 
Empire of Time is an OSR SF RPG using the free Cepheus Engine core rules (available via DriveThruRPG) or other similar game systems. Play as humans from the 21st century, or from the future, or even one of four different races evolved to intelligence long after we are gone. Includes maps and descriptions of Earth throughout geological time (past and future) based on current scientific discoveries, adventure seeds, organizations to use as patrons and villains, a bestiary of creatures from the most ancient times to hundreds of millions of years from now, and much more.
The Bottle by Michael Brown. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for $0.75. 2 pages.
The chance find of a robot probe from an primitive extrastellar civilization promises more than just the opportunity to make a new find and the PCs a few quick credits; it also unwittingly serves as a cry for help from an entire planet. The heroes, arriving at the previously-uncontacted world, find it in danger. Will they act to save it, or bear silent witness to its destruction? 
The Bottle is a short adventure for 2D6 science fiction RPGs such as Cepheus Engine and the Original Science Fiction Roleplaying Game (OSFRPG.)
Magic Items: Assorted Magic Items Disgorged From My Mind by Larry Hamilton. Published by Follow Me, And Die! Entertainment LLC. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for PWYW. 25 pages.
This is a collection of magic items from my blog, campaign, and convention games. They are not the usual wand and rings. I've included a couple of items from Library Generation Tables and the Jewelry Tables from Caravans & Trade.
OS191 - Mine Mayhem by Frank Schmidt. Published by Adventures in Filbar. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for $2.00. 14 pages.
You and your close friends have decided to become adventurers and seek out your destiny. As you head to a Pacifica, a port city, you cross the mining territories and hear a cry for help. It turns out a nearby mining colony has been overrun by humanoids. Looks like your legendary exploits start today!
This scenario was designed for a group of 4-6 PCs at 1st level. While it was set for 1st/2nd edition rules, it is easily altered to fit most rulesets campaigns. Remember to follow @FilbarRPG on Twitter for special sales notices and other tidbits about our products.
Tournaments of Madness and Death by Newt Newport. Published by D101 Games. Available from DriveThruRPG in Print/PDF for $13.00 and in PDF for $7.00. The Publisher site is still listing this as a Print + PDF Pre-order for £8.00.  38 pages.
This book contains two self-contained adventures that can either be played as one-shots or dropped into a campaign game, for characters of Level 5 and a guide to running one-shot games as played at conventions.

If this adventure module was an old school metal release from the 80s on some creaky little independent label, it would be one of those quirky split singles, where two bands would each have a side of the vinyl record.

On Side A is The Furnace. The Furnace was the first old school D&D adventure I ran at a convention., I initially ran the game using Labyrinth Lord, and the adventure is named after the convention it was run at, namely, Furnace which is held every October in Sheffield, UK. I ran it on Saturday night, which is now my annual slot for running OSR games, and despite the naysayers at the bar beforehand, who seemed threatened by my decision to run a game using a system they had left behind years ago, and my own almost paralysing bout of stage fright, we had a fantastic time. The precise details of the scenario have changed with time, and the current more polished Crypts and Things write-up is presented here.

Tearing up side B is The Tomb of the Evil Emperor. This was an outing of Crypts and Things as a convention game, just after the release of the first edition in 2012. I first run this adventure as a slightly boozy game at Continuum, a summer affair held bi-annually at Leicester University, which saw the bold adventurers race across the ruins of the Grand Debris, through the buried Imperial Complex, to a final confrontation with the shocking surprise of the true form of the Evil Emperor.

Two sides of the Crypts & Things convention experience. Madness both in the sense that the locations that make up the adventures aren’t your typical dungeon. The Furnace takes place on an artificial iron moon held up in the sky by magic, while Tomb is in a city crushed by a vengeful god using a meteor. Death because it was what faced the doomed world of Zarth if the adventurers failed in their mission to stop the Ultimate Evil that threatened the world, and because it was a genuine possibility given the cast of horrors they faced. All “good friendly violent fun in store for all” as the thrash metal band Exodus once sang on their song Toxic Waltz.

Finally, Dark, Delicious and Deadly is an insert, cunningly placed between the two adventures, that explains the method behind the madness of how I run convention games of Crypts and Things.

Although written specifically for Crypts and Things, an OSR game focused on the Swords and Sorcery genre, it can be used with any class/level based fantasy game.

US Letter format, 38 pages, black and white art by Daniel Barker (Monkey, Tales of the Reaching Moon), maps by Glynn Seal (2018 Golden EnNie award winner for Cartography) with a cover by David M.Wright.
Black Maw 2 - The Chambers of the Wraith King by Craig Pike. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for $2.00. 6 pages.
Built on the site where dawns light first touched the world, and occupied time and again by civilizations both acient and recent. Any number of stories are trye, from dwarves to elves to mages to empires to private manor; all have been true at one point or another back to the literal dawn of time. But none survive for long, and wanderers keep coming to see what others have left behind. All pass through the Black Maw.
Deeper into the Black Maw you journey. Past the religious heretics to deeper chamber. Clouded in smoke and dark, the Wraith King haunts these halls, despising all life

The second level of the Black Maw megadungeon, for character levels 2-3. A classic dungeon, with the preview showing you exactly what you get!

Thanks for your support!
Diesel Punks: Patrol Posted by Robert Garitta. Published by Surreal Estate Games. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for $1.99. 21 pages.
"This planet will do nicely, after modification!!"

Diesel Punks: Aliens 1 gave stats and background capsules for 8 enigmatiuc races. 
Aliens 2.0 gave you 11 more! Now with Patrol Posted see the worst examples each species has to offer. Thirteen creatures to menace, outrage, compete, employ (whatever ) your characters. Bring out epic or not so epic villains.

Gnoolt -maker of men, or modfier.

Dr. Marsten, the Fluidic Man -crimelord, superhuman and brilliant scientist.

Strain Z Prime -redacted.

This product requires The Black Hack Second Edition to use.

Not responsible for any characters lost inill advised bounty hunting missions.
A Bright Future Ahead of Her - Adventure for #ZweihanderRPG by John Russell. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for $2.61. 16 pages.
Divocinaburg, an urban stronghold of the Demiurge, where adherence to the laws of nature is stronger than anywhere else in the duchy of New Mahal, a province where otherwise worship of the God-Emperor holds sway.
If you have property to protect then the Watch will help you, if your property has been stolen and you know who did it a Bounty Hunter is what you need, but if you want your property back and you don’t know who’s taken it a private investigation company is the answer.

The Crossed Staves Investigation Company is possibly the finest in Divocinaburg, but certainly in Vychodnipole, offering excellent results for a reasonable price (plus expenses).

If I’m not much mistaken that is another client coming through the door now.
Dirtside by Paul Elliot. Published by Zozer Games. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for $3.99. 65 pages.
A wilderness survival supplement for Cepheus Engine and the Hostile setting.

Whether your Cepheus Engine game is set in the super-jungle of Tau Ceti II, the swamps
 of Africa’s Congo or the burning deserts of LV207, you will need comprehensive wilderness survival and travel rules. DIRTSIDE turns a trek across a world’s surface into an immersive battle for survival. Pit your wits against the elements, negotiate dangerous terrains and guard your resources against thirst, hunger and exposure.
Or dip into the DIRTSIDE rules to add a little detail and danger to any planetary surface excursion. Cleverly designed encounter tables provide scores of realistic obstacles and situations to be overcome and cover every terrain type, from sand seas to mangrove swamps, mountains to nitrogen ice fields, and volcanic wastelands to the unstable surfaces of comets and asteroids.

Remember – science fiction adventure only really begins when you get dirtside …

DIRTSIDE includes:
  • Event tables for all terrain and climate types.
  • Easy-to-use rules for surviving in the toughest environments.
  • The effects of hostile atmospheres, radiation, poison gasses, hunger and extreme temperatures.
  • Travel rules, factoring in speeds and problems - and ways to overcome them.
  • Many random events, such as strong winds, thunderstorms, rock-falls and caves.
  • Foraging and hunting.
  • Abbreviated animal encounters, able to be created ‘on-the-fly’.

Re-Releases, New Editions, Now in Print, etc.

Random Terrain and Encounter Generator by Joseph Bloch. Published by BRW Games. Available from DriveThruRPG in Print/PDF for $19.95 and in PDF for $9.95. 131 pages.
A comprehensive system for creating and stocking wilderness and dungeon environments.

Within these pages you’ll find rules for randomly generating terrain in wilderness, including settlements and ruins, as well as random encounter tables you can either use as-is or use as inspiration for your own encounter tables.

Encounter tables are provided for every combination of eight different terrain types, three different climates, and two options for civilization or wilderness are given, as well as tables for prehistoric and water-born encounters. All in all, that's 83 encounter tables for wilderness, dungeon, and the Ethereal and Astral planes. All use the monsters described in the ADVENTURES DARK AND DEEP™ Bestiary, but are quite suitable for any old-school RPG.

In addition, a complete system for generating a random dungeon is presented, as well as ten comprehensive encounter tables for encounters from kobolds to demon princes. Three new monsters are also included to round out both dragon and human encounters.

Plus you will also find a complete system for creating a random urban landscape, with 24 different city district types, special features, and random encounters designed for districts in both day and night.

All are suitable for the game master who wants to run a game using random rules or to use the tables for quick inspiration, or can also be used for solo play without the need for a game master at all.
Ford's Faeries: A Bestiary Inspired by Henry Justice Ford by The G+ OSR Community. Published by  Studio Kortex. Available from DriveThruRPG in Print/PDF for $5.93. Available in PDF for Free. 116 pages.
A bestiary inspired by the masterful work of Henry Justice Ford.

Meet the Moon-Headed Giant, the Leechlich, and the Fencer Familiar, and more than 50 other weird creatures fit for campaigns of every level. The full-page illustrations, often taken from fairytale books, have led our 15 authors to create original monsters that will give a quirky twist to your game. They all come with enough material to become the centerpiece of the session.

Contributors: Dan D., Daniel Lofton, 
Dat Epic Fish, 
Emmy Allen, Eric Diaz, Eric Nieudan, Goblin’s Henchman, Guillaume Jentey
, HD Atkinson, James V. West, Jean-Marc "Tolkraft" Choserot, 
Ktrey Parker, Magimax, 
Roger SG Sorolla, 
Sébastien d’Abrigeon, 
and Vance Atkins.

Stats are compatible with most early editions of Dave and Gary's game and their retroclones.
In The Light Of A Ghost Star by Nate Treme. Published by Highland Paranormal Society. Now Available in Print from the Publisher for $5.00. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for PWYW and from ITCH.IO for PWYW. 14 pages.
ghoststarcover.pngEarth was abandoned ages ago during the red giant expansion. Now, dimly lit by the ghost light of a dead white dwarf, it lies layered with eons of forgotten civilizations. From the warmth of Martian reactor cities, scavengers hire illegal transportation to earth to delve into its depths, looking for ancient treasures. There they must deal with ghosts, machines, and the strange life that has evolved on humankind’s abandoned home planet. 
In The Light Of A Ghost Star is a rules-lite system and setting for science fiction roleplaying. It comes with a hex crawl adventure and random tables that can also be used with other RPG systems.   
Ghost Star was designed to be quick and easy to play. It’s perfect for one shot games and short campaigns. Characters can be created quickly and can die even quicker! 
Clever Title Using Hack & Class: The Second Edition by Mark L. Chance. Published by Spes Magna Games. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for $2.25. 38 pages.
The second edition of Clever Title Using Hack & Class requires David Black's The Black Hack for use. 
In this updated book, you'll find eight character classes, from the Astrologer to the Singerie. There're also 16 new Creatures, two based on each of the eight character classes. Can your players defeat an Undead Jester or convince the Judicial Champion to not smite anyone? 
Once your players have their characters ready, send them into Froderick's Protean Puzzle, a magical maze of monsters, hidden traps, and dangerous puppet shows. If you're looking for something less daunting, there's also The Damsel and the Wizard, a short scenario within a map by Matt Jackson.
Polyhedron Newszine V4 #2 Issue 17 published by WotC. Available from DriveThruRPG in PDF for $0.99. 34 pages.

Included in this issue: 
  • Encounters — by Kim Eastland. Your party discovers the unmarked ruins of a template—with no doorways.
  • The Incants of Ishcabeble — by Bob Blake. The epic Prophecy of Brie series continues with Part 6.
  • Cryptic Alliance of the Bi-Month — James M. Ward. Gamma World game's Knight of Genetic Purity.
  • Variants, House Rules, and Hybrids — by Roger E. Moore. Notes for the Dungen Master.
  • The Fighter — by James M Ward. The archetypical fighter character.
  • Two new NPCs — Find out how your favorite characters can be published in Polyhedron Newszine
  • Disguised Weapons — by Nicholas Moschovakis. This RPGA Network member and his friends have developed some new disguised weapons for the Top Secret game.
  • Wishes have their limits — by Kim Mohan. The Wish spell may not so all that you want it to.
  • DM Talk — by Carl Smith. Advice from one DM to others of the species.
  • Dispel Confusion — by Penny Petticord, James M Ward, and Carl Smith
Eye of Pain by Thomas M. Reid. Published by WotC. Available from DriveThruRPG in Print/PDF for $11.99, in Print for $9.99 and in PDF for $4.99. 32 pages.
 Inside the woods near Burke's Crossing lurks a very real danger. It began as a sense of unease, a feeling of being watched, but now people are disappearing. The lumberjacks who have stayed in the little village talk of ghosts and other superstitions. Or at least they did - until a mysterious statue appeared in a clearing near the logging camp.  
As if matters weren't strange enough, two mages have arrived and begun hiring armed guards to escort them into these very same woods. Is there a connection, or is it just coincidence? Either way, be prepared! You never know what's out there waiting... and watching.  
"Eye of Pain" is the first of three Monstrous Arcana adventures featuring the cunning and deadly beholder. If can be played as an individual adventure or as part of the series which continue in "Eye of Doom" and concludes in "Eye to Eye."
For four to six characters of levels 4-8.
Book of Sires - Front CoverBook of Sires by Robert G. Schroeder. Published by Chaosium. Available from DriveThruRPG in Print/PDF for $34.99, in Print for $29.99 and in PDF for $14.99. Available from the Publisher in PDF for $14.99. 288 pages.
Honor thy forefathers … 
The Book of Sires  radically expands the Family History system first presented in the King Arthur Pendragon core rulebook to encompass knights from any of the nine realms: from Auitaine to Cornwall to Cumbria, and many points in between!
Use this book to generate a rich year-by-year history of your character's parent and grandparent (beginning as early as the year 439), with additional material to cover campaigns starting as late as the year 509. 
The Book of Sires explores events ranging from the humdrum years of garrison duty to some of the most famous historical battles seen in the years before the Great Pendragon Campaign. Before, players had only the county of Salisbury to draw upon.; now, the player knights can come from any area that is friendly to a King Arthur campaign set in Logres. Thus, Aquitanian knights can hobnob with fellow European Brittonians, as well as knights from Cornwall, Cambria, and Cumbria: all have a reason to be where the campaign begins.  
The Book of Sires provides a yearly description, with attendant Glory, for over nine lands. An assortment of appendices provide new Passions and Directed Traits, an overall cumulative history, an expansion of the family for Player-knights, how to handle “foreign knights,” and an update to the Salisbury chapter contained in King Arthur Pendragon. Since this book covers the years 439 to 509, you will find a wealth of information for creating a background for a campaign starting in 480 (Uther), 485 (GPC), Anarchy (496), and Arthur, the Boy King (510). 
Grab some dice, and find out what type of family your Player-knight came from. Will you rise above their exploits, or were their deeds the high-water mark of your family?
Deviant Database by Tim Snider. Published by SavageAfterworld. Available from DriveThruRPG in Print/PDF for $9.99 and in PDF for $1.99. Available from Lulu in Print for $11.95. 82 pages.
From the harmless to the harmful, from the weak to the wicked, this Deviant Database collects over 90 monstrous mutants that have inhabited The Savage AfterWorld! 
  • Challenge your players with flying fiends like the flaming Dragonfire or the rampaging Flynocerous!
  • Oceanic adventures await with aquatic adversaries such as the Flamewhale, Oceanbrood, and Crabhemoth!
  • Mutant menaces like the Pumpking and Brain Lord lurk in the hidden shadows and manipulate their eager minions! 
The Deviant Database is fully compatible with Goblinoid Games' Mutant Future and Labyrinth Lord RPGs as well as other Original Edition Fantasy RPGs.
Deviant Database 2.0 by Tim Snider. Published by SavageAfterworld. Available from DriveThruRPG in Print/PDF for $9.99 and in PDF for $1.99. Available from Lulu in Print for $9.95. 47 pages.
In this fiendish follow-up to the original Deviant Database, your players will meet 44 new twisted abominations lurking within The Savage AfterWorld! 
  • Gargantuan grotesqueries like the Bro’ding and Pangaea wander the ruined world like walking mountains and living islands!
  • Analog assailants like the Computer Bug and Mechanobane are driven to rend and consume your robotic player characters!
  • Hybrid humanoids like the Mako, Pwnees, and Clotted Ones welcome all visitors! (But will they allow them to ever leave?) 
Deviant Database 2.0 is fully compatible with Goblinoid Games' Mutant Future and Labyrinth Lord RPGs as well as other Original Edition Fantasy RPGs.
Eldritch Tales: Lovecraftian White Box Role-Playing by Joseph D. Salvador. Published by Raven God Games. Available from DriveThruRPG in Print/PDF Hardcover for $47.99, Hardcover alone for $44.99, Print/PDF Softcover for $32.99, Softcover alone for $29.99, and in PDF alone for $9.99. 221 pages.
Aeons before man arose from the primordial mire, ancient creatures descended from the stars or stepped through dimensional passages to inhabit the Earth. Whilst many of these Old Ones have since passed into inactivity, the secrets they carried with them have been shared with man and now terrible cults haunt the fringes of modern society. These ancient terrors thus still menace mankind and, if the prophecies are to be believed, the Old Ones shall return to reign again over the Earth! 
Eldritch Tales: Lovecraftian White Box Role-Playing in an OSR rule set with its roots in the Original version of the world's favorite RPG, but instead of exploring musty dungeons, characters in Eldritch Tales investigate Mythos horrors in the 1920s! The setting and background are based on the cosmic horror tales of Howard Phillips Lovecraft and other members of his writing circle.

Within the pages of Eldritch Tales you will find four character classes representing many classic pulp archetypes, occupations, rules for insanity, spells, monsters, esoteric tomes, artifacts, a starting scenario, and setting material, as well as advice on using Eldritch Tales with other White Box games. This game is compatible with Swords & Wizardry White Box and other OSR games.

To accomodate all devices, the PDF purchase includes versions in both high resolution and low resolution. PDF has a bookmarked Table of Contents, as well as linked terms throughout the book.

Eldritch Tales offers a Compatibility License to third-party publishers interested in creating material to support the game, find it here on RPGNow or DriveThruRPG!
Cepheus: Faster Than Light, Editable Version by Omer Golan-Joel. Published by Stellagama Publishing. Available from DriveThruRPG in docx for PWYW. 35 pages.
Whether exchanging laser fire with aliens across a cratered moonscape or pushing the speed of light in a shining spaceship, interstellar adventurers lead exciting lives. These minimalist rules allow you to experience these wondrous adventures without fuss or complication. They are perfect for convention play, pick-up games, or a beer-and-pretzels night when you roll dice and blow stuff up. They include everything you need to play: character generation, task checks, personal, vehicle, and starship combat, as well as the basic rules for interstellar travel.
You can find the PDF version of Cepheus: Faster Than Light, with full layout and art, HERE.

This is a Microsoft Word (docx) format of Cepheus: Faster Than Light, to allow fans and publishers to easily access and modify the rules for their own campaigns and settings.

More Free Gaming Stuff from the Blogosphere and Environs

Malcolm Svensson of Tales of Scheherazade posted Town Name Generators, for Pseudo-Britain, Pseudo-Germany, and Pseudo-France. As well as Instant Renaissance Cities.

Goblin's Henchman adapted Michael Prescott’s The Sky-Blind Spire into a spreadsheet format. 


Reviews & Play Reports

Glen Hallstrom posted a YouTube review: Ol' Man Gorgnard Reviews 95 - Vieja Escuela.

Jeremy “frothsof” Smith posted Frothcast #9: Night Below Session Recap. 

James Maliszewski stops by Wrathofzombie's Blog to review Hubris. 

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TEYLEN'S RPG CORNER posted Crowdfunding Collection #93.

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