Sunday, August 5, 2012

10 RPG Books Bandwagon - Zombie Apocalypse Edition

Tough! Real, real tough!

I'll pretty much jettison any Collector considerations. If I'm stuck on a desert island, or in a Zombie-Apocalypse proof underground shelter, I don't think I'll be worrying about my Collection. Just what I want to game with. Hopefully, I'll have someone(s) other than Zombies to play with.

10 RPG books I would fight and dodge Zombies for, to take with me into exile.

1. The AD&D DMG. Gary's Masterpiece! No way I'm leaving that for the Zombies.

2. OSRIC - Black Blade Pub. HC. I can only pick ten, so I'll make a sacrifice and kill two birds with one stone. I'll take OSRIC and leave behind the AD&D PH & MM. It hurts, but it's efficient.

3. World of Greyhawk Folio - Just found a copy on ebay, the cover of which, isn't totally ragged out! It's currently in the hands of the USPS, but for purposes of this list I'll assume that the zombie-virus thingie won't hit the general population for a few more days. Otherwise it's the 83 Boxed Set.

4. Matt Finch's Tome of Adventure Design. Maybe, the most generally useful RPG book I own.

5. DCC RPG. For when I want to shake things up a bit. Also, fantastic art and tons of swipeable content.

6. The Wilderlands of High Fantasy.

7. City State of the Invincible Overlord. These last two because, well, they're fucking awesome! The Zombies shall not have them!

8. Fight On! HC Compendium 1, comprising issues 1-4.

9. Fight On! HC Compendium 2, comprising issues 5-8. These last two give me the most bang for my buck, for awesome gaming and reading material.

10. The First Fantasy Campaign. Fascinating. Historically important. One of my favorites.

Ok. Maybe collecting considerations influenced my list, just a little.

I was going to grab my S&W HC, the printing with the cool, white, metal logo. But, I have to be practical. Zombies and all that. Combined with my own memory and ideas, I can Tailor OSRIC to whatever I want.