Tuesday, November 20, 2018

I've Started a Patreon to Support The OSR News and other works! And a Map!

After listening to suggestions from some of my readers, I've started a Patreon to help support The OSR News and Dreams of Mythic Fantasy.

A typical News post takes 7-10 hours to put together, depending upon the activity level of the community. I expect this time commitment to increase, as my plans for the News and related material are realized. In particular, I'm planning a YouTube channel devoted to gaming, the OSR, reviews, etc. There's a few OSR & related channels now, but not many and I think its time the OSR really made its presence known on that platform.

As a person who is self employed, working with a few different streams of income, time taken away from paying work, costs. This is one of the reasons I set aside the blog a few years ago. A Patreon will allow me to continue working on the News and extend my efforts.

Your patronage and consideration is most appreciated and thank you all for giving me the opportunity to be a part of one of the coolest things, ever!

And if you visit the Patreon page, there's a copy of a recent map available for download. Brisco's 1st lvl Paladin is still in one of those hexes...