Tuesday, October 23, 2018

I Swear Upon Your Death

I Swear Upon Your Death - Bastard Sword +2
Alignment: LN
Minor/Major Powers: None
Special Purpose - Vengeance

Special Purpose Powers - Wielder need not sleep, drink, or eat and Regenerates 1 HP per Turn. Wielder is immune to 1st and 2nd level Illusion/Phantasm (Type) Spells. Geas (upon wielder.)
Int:13   Ego:13

This Bastard Sword appears as an archaic, well made blade with a slightly reddish tinge to the steel and a handle wrapped in blood red leather. The pommel is a smooth green stone, half recessed. A few sigils adorn the blade, near the hilt and a read magic will reveal the following: I Swear Upon Your Death.

To all appearances the sword will appear to be nothing more than a +2 weapon and will function as such. Unless and until the phrase written upon the blade is uttered with hatred, intent and a specific individual in mind. At which point the sword will awaken, be able to communicate by empathy and the Special Purpose powers will activate. The sword will be relentless in its intent to slay its target and will Geas the wielder, if it feels he or she is dallying.

Upon the consummation of the oath, or a condition of irrevocable failure, the sword will disappear, placing itself near a recent battle site or large treasure hoard.