Tuesday, April 3, 2012

If you have an OSR Blog...

Yesterday, a reader let me know that he was getting one of those nasty Malware warning screens, when loading my blog. This was due to a link in my blogroll to an infected site. 

Of course, Blogger rolls have been broken for months. If you have 167 (or 168?) or more blogs in your roll, you can no longer edit the damn thing. 

So, I nuked my blogroll. Been meaning to re-arrange things, anyway.

Thanks to Tenkar, whose roll I used to start rebuilding The 666 Layers of the OSR Blogoverse. 

Anywho, until Blogger fixes the problem I'm partitioning said 666 Layers into separate parts of 100 blogs each. 
Any non-OSR blogs will get their own roll. Aside from Tenkar, I've relied on a few other folks and my own memory to rebuild the link list. Meaning, I've no doubt missed several blogs. Not to mention all the new ones, of which I'm unaware.

So, if you have an OSR, Old School, etc., kinda blog, please leave a comment or drop me a line.