Monday, December 5, 2011

Quick Question for Encounter Critical Gurus

I recently became aware of and found a link to the Opponent Opuscule.

I don't know much about the provenance of this document and wanted to make sure it was kosher to link it in the News.

Because it's one of the most awesome Monster Manuals I've ever seen! :)


  1. Unfortunately, I know nothing of the provenance, but the art is pretty nice. I need to find a way to work Sky Piranhas into my game now. In fact, the template Sky X, where X is any sea creature, is relatively interesting.

    Sky Whale
    Sky Squid
    Sky Flounder


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  3. It does say that everything is used with permission:

    ENCOUNTER CRITICAL OPPONENT OPUSCULE NUMBER ONE is copyright © 2008 by Christian Conkle. “Encounter Critical” and terms unique to the game are trademarks of S. John Ross; they (along with the Encounter Critical rules systems or portions thereof) are used here with permission. Terms unique to this book are trademarks of Christian Conkle.

  4. Hi Brendan! I was mainly concerned that the yahoo group folks might want to keep all those files to that site. Which is probably silly and all, as it's an open membership list.