Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Question for Flailsnails Gamers/GM's

Has there been any established method of transportation, between game universes? Like, a side dungeon level, or spooky wood, that's a known "gateway to far-out places?"

If I were to run a Google+ Hangout Flailsnails game and you were interested in playing, what times/days would be preferable? Tuesdays & Wednesdays look fairly open on the CC Calendar.


  1. I've been planning a post which is exactly "how you would get to my flailsnails game"... but I've been holding off until I actually set one up :)

    Mine's a semi-random ship generator. It always has just one more barrel of supplies tucked away in the hold, but the water's always running low, and quite often it has something potentially useful but inconvenient: a huge cannon but no gunpowder, or a live elephant trussed in place below decks, or a zombie crew that have to be dominated into not sailing around in circles.

  2. how about Blackmoor, which always seems to be in a lot of different places in various campaign settings