Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Delving Deeper from Brave Halfling and Immersive Ink is now available for free download!

The Delving Deeper free pdf version has been released and is available for download at RPGNOW.

The free version is split into three volumes, each of which features a cover illustration by the awesome Mark Allen!

Delving Deeper is a retro-clone of 0e, designed to hew more closely to the LBB's than previously released OSR RPG's.

While Brave Halfling Publishing initiated Delving Deeper, and will be fulfilling the box set pre-order shipments, support and publishing of the game is now under the aegis of Immersive Ink.

More info and discussion about Delving Deeper can be found at the ODD 74 Forum.


  1. Hey James, how are things? Been looking forward to seeing this for a while.

  2. Hi James !

    1. Thanks for that great new. I've downloaded DD almost immediately. Another "christmas gift"...

    2. It's good to see you still there, still active within the OSR/old-school stuff. :D

    I hope everything's going well for you, personnaly and professionaly.

    Take care,